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The Food Award, Thanks Mia

Many thanks to https://miasblog961204944.wordpress.com/2020/07/21/the-food-award-pt-1/comment-page-1/#comment-2762 (Mia’s Blog)

Mia’s questions:

  1. Do u like meat? If so what kind? Yes, either lamb or beef depending on my mood.
  2. Do u like real fruit? There’s fake fruit?
  3. Have u ever cooked a meal? If so what was it? Yes, many. The best one though was this creamy beef mac-n-cheese I made recently.
This was my first try, the second time I made it with pasta shells, and it honestly tastes better with shells.
  1. Do u like Italian food? I love Italian food!
  2. What is ur favorite type of food 2 eat? sushi!

My Nominees:

My questions!:

  1. What’s the grossest thing people you say you’ve eaten (but you like it yourself)
  2. What’s your favorite taste (Bitter, Salty, Sweet, Spicy, Sour)?
  3. Lollipops or Gumdrops?
  4. What’s the biggest meal you’ve eaten?
  5. Lemons or Limes?

And that’s it. Be sure to check out the bloggers I mentioned or else I will sting you with this bad boi:

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Yummy Meme Post

This is yet another wonderful(?) and yummy meme compilation, and don’t forget to comment what y our favorite is, so that I can add more memes that everyone enjoys, and less of the ones that terribly, terribly, aren’t funny, didn’t laugh.

Surreal lasagna |  WHEN MOM BRINGS OLIVE GARDEN LEFTOVERS | image tagged in garfield,surreal,olive,pasta,surrealism,surreal angery | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Face REMOVED |  You just got shot in the head; it's not fatal; it's coated in face remover | image tagged in memes,panik kalm panik,surreal,surrealism,headshot,meme man | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
28 stab wounds |  Me: *barley pokes my brother with a pencil; my brother: *cries; my mom: what happend? my brother:; 28 stab wounds | image tagged in 28 stab wounds | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
*typo on “barley”*
How to handle fame |  When your name is in a math question in school | image tagged in how to handle fame,memes,funny,spongebob,school | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
 TEACHER: WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT? ME: NOTHING; MY BRAIN: NUNDERWATER | image tagged in pun,teacher,nun | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Not knowing what cats look like |  Not knowing what cats look like; Medieval Painters; The People who made the movie "Cats | image tagged in memes,epic handshake,cats | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
See the source image

That’s all of the memes from my bag (of memes) If you enjoyed them, then look forward to next month’s meme compilation!

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The Outstanding Blogger Award! (Thanks To Aidan!)

I have recently been nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award by Aidan from Beckwith407 (link to he blog here: https://aidanbeckwithrpc.wordpress.com/) for, a brand new award created by Colton Beckwith:


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

This award was created by Colton Beckwith.

Here are Aidan questions:

  1. Are you wearing a mask? Do you wear one in public? Why? I am not wearing a mask, because I haven’t been in public much at all. (also, not trying to get political or something, but I really don’t think I should be FORCED to wear a mask)
  2. Has your blog increased or decreased in traffic since March 11th? Increased, and I am very happy it has.
  3. Do you believe the government is allowed to close the economy? If so, on what basis? I do not agree with the government closing the economy, because almost ALL small (and maybe medium) sized businesses will be destroyed.
  4. Chevy or Ford? Chevy.
  5. Windows or Mac? Windows.
  6. How many clocks can you find in and around your house? (not counting clocks on computers) we have 3 clocks, one oven clock, and two mechanical clocks.
  7. How much paper have you used in the last week? probably two two-sided sheets.

The 10 nominees:

The Inspired page http://theinspiredpage.wordpress.com/

JakeLewie10 https://schoolfarm.home.blog/

Lilalai07 https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/100785815

The Electric Brain https://theelectricbrainblog.wordpress.com/

A tiny ray of light https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/103216983

The works of a dreamer https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/100732649

The farmer girl https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/100732649

Cozy Oubliette https://cozyoubliette.wordpress.com/

Ariel’s Words https://arielswords.wordpress.com/

The Shaded Cube https://cmatt13.wordpress.com/

My questions for you lucky nominees 😉

  1. Favorite Pixar Movie?
  2. Least favorite Disney Movie?
  3. Do you own a gaming console? (if so, which one?)
  4. Do you enjoy doing blog awards?
  5. Do you, or have you, own(ed) any pets?
  6. What is something you have made that you feel extremely proud of?
  7. Who is your favorite blogger?, and no, it can’t be you. (Is it me?)

That all the writings and blog posts I have for today! And I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Now go check out all those links or you’ll make this link madder (at you :O)

See the source image
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Conclusion Essay Of RPC 7th English

Assignment: For your last assignment in this class, write a 1 page essay about what you learned in this class. Include what you liked or disliked, what you would change if you could, and what helped you the most this year. Be sure to post the essay to the forum when you are finished.

This 7th grade class was designed to teach literature analysis, and I really enjoyed learning about the topic, and through reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction, I have learned:

  • The different genres of writing, and their characteristics
  • The parts of a story and how to identify them
  • The meanings of many words and their uses

These skills gave me advantage over the practice CLEP test (yes, RPC gives you practice CLEP tests in 7th grade), and even if I didn’t get a perfect score, I still was able to understand what most of the questions, even in 7th grade.

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History Review number #25, A summary on Jumonville Glen

Writing Assignment: Write a two to three page essay the development of mainland Europe during this History year, Or tell the story of your favorite lesson or lessons and what you liked most about history this year.

If you have never lived in western Pennsylvania, or studied American history, you probably never even heard of the battle of Jumonville Glen, and, to be fair, it was just a 15 minute skirmish, involving less than a hundred men in the middle of nowhere. In fact, it wasn’t even as flashy as some battles, like the Alamo or battle of Gettysburg, and it wasn’t even named after the general who died in it until at least one year later. Nevertheless, it had huge involvements for the soldiers and the history of North America. During the fight and it’s aftermath, George Washington (yes THE George Washington) saw his first fight, commanded his first battle, and first saw the atrocities of war at this fight, and started a chain of events that would lead to a colonial rebellion, and the French Indian war.

The skirmish was fought between a group of Indians and Englishmen, against a French group called the Canadians; it was fought on the day of May 28, 1754. The Canadians were led by general Joseph Jumonville Glen, and the English were commanded by Lieutenant Colonial George Washington, and the Indians commanded by Tanacharison. Washington’s men were sent to protect a fort that was under construction from hostile French or Indian forces.

The Canadians were a small group from the large force that had previously driven off the construction crew, Jumonville was sent to warn Washington that he was encroaching French claimed territory. Tanacharison and his men spotted the Canadians first and told Washington organized a ambush.

The battle only lasted around 15 minutes, but still had massive consequences, a number of the Canadians were killed (including Jumonville) the dead were either left on the field or buried in shallow graves, because the English had to keep on pushing to fort necessity, however, fort necessity would not provide safety against the furious, French, Canadian, and Indian force, commanded by Jumonville’s brother, 600 men captured the fort and had Washington surrender.

Since Britain and France had not been at war, the death of Jumonville caused major international repercussions.

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Food Award: Thanks Charlotte!


  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Pingback to the creator, Elisha at https://africaboy.home.blog/
  3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.
  4. Answer the five questions.
  5. Create five questions about food.
  6. Nominate 5 people

Thank you to Charlotte for nominating me! (link here: https://theinspiredpage.wordpress.com/) I have never done the food award before, but I am glad to do so now. (because I love food)

My Nominees: If you like food, do this award. If you don’t like food… then… I don’t know what to say.

My questions (for me to answer):

  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone eat? Octopus
  • Do you like sweet, or savory? Savory
  • What’s your dream meal (include drink & dessert)? A large assortment of sushi or a Hopdoddy’s classic burger with cheese fries, a cup of Thai tea and Tiramisu coffee cake.
  • Are you a snacker? If so, what’s your favorite snack? Yes, but I don’t really have a favorite, but probably freeze-dried fruit or cheesy things (like Hippeas)
  • Do you like to bake or cook your own food, or do you prefer to eat out? If so, what’s your favorite restaurant? I like both, and my favorite restaurant is either Flower Child, Hopdoddy’s gourmet hamburgers, or Kura conveyor belt sushi.

My questions (for the nominee(s) to answer):

  • What is your favorite condiment?
  • What would be your dream pizza?
  • Are you a Hotdog or Taco person?
  • What is your least favorite condiment?
  • What is the most fancy thing you have ever cooked? did it turn out well? if you havent cooked before, than what’s the fanciest thing you have ever eaten?

Thankyou for reading this, and have a great evening/night/morning/day!

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History Review #30

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the following topics: – History of the Middle East
– History of Africa
– History of Oceania and Southeast Asia
– History of China and India

The Middle East and Islam rose to power after the fall of the Roman Empire in 700 A.D. and Muslim caliphates or sultanates began rising in power and shrinking the Byzantine empire.

And in the following years the abandoned Persian Empire got revived by the Kwashem Shah, another Muslim group, although the crusaders did manage to carve out a small coastal nation of the holy land.

The Ottoman empire also appeared in 700 A.D. and was a united caliphate of the Middle East, and the Ottoman Empire overthrow the Byzantine Empire in 1453, and even managed to spread into Eastern Europe.

At the end of this history year (1750’s), the Middle East is still under control of the Ottoman empire, although Iran had shifted ownership many times as empires went in and out through history.

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English Term Paper

Assignment: Write the rough draft of your term paper. Make sure it is five typed pages long. When you finish writing the paper, post it. Include “Term Paper Rough Draft” in the title of the post. 

The RPC curriculum is run mostly by its founder, Ron Paul, but there are other teachers for it’s subjects such as Science, Math, History, Grammar, English, and more, (like Biology, and Business) and all the teachers, I think, did an outstanding job at teaching, and if you are interested in using RPC from my term paper, I have put a link in the bottom of the post to see it’s other benefits (such as students will be able to be 98% self-taught above grade03)

First, a list of the lists of what will be in this summary of what my 7th grade English term was:

  • The list of books I read
  • Common worldviews (and how’re they are portrayed with books)
  • Book Categories
  • Book Genres
  • The Vocabulary studies
  • Reading good books
  • How to write and why to write, a good book essay
  • And more! (note, this is not in the exact order the curriculum is in, categories came before worldviews)

The RPC English curriculum is one of my favorite parts of the RPC curriculum, it has made me read some very influential books, and although I didn’t like all of them, ( Example: white fang, which was a book about a dog who basically just trades owners  a lot and braves the frontiers dangers in the north frontier of America, it is almost solely narrator based and I find it pretty boring.) I am still glad I got to read such “deep” books, that make you go and actually THINK what sort of message the author is sending, and “living” books, that actually have good role models and that make you feel things. This year’s class was taught by MR. Bradley Fish, and I think he did a very good job this year. 

Here is a list of all books I read for this year:

  • The Dragon and The Raven by G.A.Henty
  • Wulf the Saxon by G.A.Henty
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court by G.A. Henty
  • Treasure Island by Jules Verne
  • White Fang by Jack London
  • A knight of the White cross G.A. Henty
  • Robin Hood by Howard Pyle
  • Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
  • an Assortment of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Alice’s adventure in wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • The Lion of the North by G.A.Henty
  • Journey to the center of the Earth by Jules Verne
  • Little Men Louisa by May Alcott
  • Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare
  • Macbeth by Shakespeare
  • Idylls of the king by Lord Tennyson
  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Assortment of poems
  • Assortment of short stories

Thanks to Bradley’s teaching,  it’s pacing, (or speed the story is told in) or how the book can portray an author’s worldview (although sometimes it may not portray it very well). also: there are many worldviews a book can portray, such as:

  • Naturalism: everything is in the material realm, there is no God; everything can be explained by the natural law
  • Pantheism: everything is in the spiritual realm, everything is a God, and man is at the top of the universe
  • Theism: An infinite, personal God exists, he created a material world. The universe as we know it has a beginning and end
  • Spiritism and Polytheism: The world is populated by spirit beings who govern what goes on. Gods and demons are the real reason behind “natural” events.
  • Postmodernism: Reality must be interpreted through our language and cultural “paradigm.” Therefore, reality is “socially constructed.”
  • Hedonism: Anything is good as long as it fills you with joy, anything that makes you sad  or angry, you should not be doing.
  • Socialism: everything, food, money, property, and distribution should be owned by the government, this way of thinking often leads to communism.

I have learned a lot about English literature this year, such as the categories a book can have ranging in size and the pacing it’ll have, and genres a book can be in, and there are many types, but which are divided by Fiction and Non-fiction, where one takes place in a fake world (fiction) and one that is in the real world (non-fiction) they can then be divided into many other genres, a notable thing about non-fictions is that there are less types than fiction, list here of book categories and genres:

Book Categories:

  • Novels, the most common form of literature art, are also the longest type of books, reaching word counts above 500, when Novellas and Short Stories are almost always below that number. Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories are written in prose narration, basically, prose narration is basically how normal humans talk, it has no rhyme, not a matching rhythm, special formats, or anything similar to that. Novels are made up of 5 large parts that are necessary to a good novel, this includes: Plot, Setting, Character development, and Author’s style, and Theme, with each having sub-categories and so on and so on.
  • Novellas are basically Novels but, because these types of books are shorter, often have faster pacing and possibly have less complex plot.
  • Short Stories are the shortest form of literature, even shorter than novellas, often consisting of a couple pages, so they need a really short plot, maybe just a little character development (if you have enough space) and the story needs to be short enough to actually work as a comprehensible plot. (example of one a short story I posted on my blog: https://digstarblog.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/sir-gawain-and-cecilys-stolen-cane/)
  • Poetry is actually a very large sub division of categories, and it’s lengths can range from MASSIVE epics, such as Homer’s The Odyssey, or teeny tiny Haikus, which is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.* A poem almost always has a rhyme, rhythm, and theme. A poet can make his/her poem about almost anything.
  • Drama is a type of literature made to be reenacted in a play, it is written to be in theatre, and performed by actors on a stage to a live audience. The structure of dramas, unlike other literature, is directly influenced by the collaborative production.

Non-Fiction Genres: 

  • Autobiographies (+ biographies): autobiographies and biographies are very similar in which they are a summary of a person’s life, where the difference being that autobiographies being written by the person they’re writing about, and biographies were written by someone else.
  • Almanacs are books filled with important dates for farmers for the entire year, such as when it will rain, and when it’s harvest time for, let’s say, potatoes, a variation of an almanac is a sports almanac
  • The last type of nonfiction is an Encyclopedia: which is in short, a GIGANTIC book, or series of books, fully complete of all the words of a language and their meaning.

(common) Fiction Genres:

  • Science fiction: these books may take place in the far away future, it may take place in space, or have supernatural beings, this genre basically includes what is “fiction” to science, while trying to utilise science in the book.
  • Fantasy: Fantasies are quite similar to science fiction, but instead may try to explain and do things in the plot through “magic”, and they often have magical creatures like dragons and elves, and often have a predefined “hero” to save the day.
  • Mystery fictions are often about a murder or a crime that has to be solved by the hero(s), it often has plenty of suspects, who probably had good opurtunity, and a good reason to commit the crime, mystery novels try to make the reader figure out the culprit as well during the book.
  • Horrors: horror books are standard sized books made to fill the reader with dread, by use of things ranging from cryptic whole chapters to disturbing moments.

Such one example is the book “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” by Jules Verne, it’s genre is obviously science fiction, where they literally go to the center of the Earth, which for some reason is an ocean of mushrooms, plus all the strange physics of the large worlds in the center of the Earth are to bizarre, so it has to be a fiction for science. The pacing is rather fast paced as they go from place to place quickly, and the tone of the book changes quite quickly as well. The worldview this book would portray is evolutionism and naturalist view, because at one part they almost died to an “Early human”, however, Jules Verne was actually Catholic.(It’s actually disputed what Jules Verne’s worldview and religion was)

My class also taught many types of words to memorize like last year’s English course (even if it was a mix of Grammar/Literature) and some of these I had never heard before, including:

  • Assonance: the repetition of a sound or vowel in non rhyming stressed syllables next to each other.
  • Consonance: an agreement or compatibility between opinions and actions. 
  • Invective: highly abusive language.
  • Understatement: a presentation of something that shows that it is less worse or dangerous than it actually is.

 I was taught how to even write good short stories, with correct punctuation, such as “the merry men ate fish for a day”, and my personal favorite: “how Manny didn’t save the ice age baby”, which I enjoyed very much writing and rereading, which is something I don’t ALWAYS do for my non-creative posts. (or maybe poems)

I have never really been good at OR enjoyed writing poems, mainly because I just didn’t know how to write good poems, because either A: I didn’t find a good enough subject to write about, or B: I could never write how I felt would match the topic, however, even if I still don’t like writing for poem assignments, I am still glad I got to learn about the topic and actually be able to write something good because of how I was taught about poetic “feet”, rhythm, and possible rhymes, plus, what type of poem would be best to use when writing about something, and how to notice, and analyze, a good poem, so I’m glad I learned about poems anyway.

The RPC English term for 7th grade is one of the best ways to learn about good literature, and I highly suggest that if you are looking for a good homeschool curriculum, that you use the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Thanks for reading my term paper, I hope you really enjoyed it, I had a good time writing it, and I am glad I got this work done, if you enjoyed this then here’s what you can do:

Like this blog post.

Comment your thoughts on it.

And follow my blog if you would like to see more from me! 

RonPaulCurriculum.com (the link)

*thanks to google for supplying for information on Haikus

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English Term Paper (Rough Draft)

Assignment: Write the rough draft of your term paper. Make sure it is five typed pages long. When you finish writing the paper, post it. Include “Term Paper Rough Draft” in the title of the post.

The RPC English curriculum is one of my favorite parts of the RPC curriculum, it has made me read some very influential books, and although I didn’t like all of them, (white fang, a Connecticut yankee in king Arthur’s court) I am still glad I got to read such “deep” and “living” books. This year’s class was taught by MR. Bradley Fish, and I think he did a very good job this year. Here is a list of all books I read for this year.

  • The Dragon and The Raven by G.A.Henty
  • Wulf the Saxon by G.A.Henty
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court by G.A. Henty
  • Treasure Island by Jules Verne
  • White Fang by Jack London
  • A knight of the White cross G.A. Henty
  • Robin Hood by Howard Pyle
  • Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
  • an Assortment of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Alice’s adventure in wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • The Lion of the North by G.A.Henty
  • Journey to the center of the Earth by Jules Verne
  • Little Men Louisa by May Alcott
  • Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare
  • Macbeth by Shakespeare
  • Idylls of the king by Lord Tennyson
  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • Assortment of poems
  • Assortment of short stories

Thanks to Bradley’s teaching, I have learned a lot about English literature this year, such as the genres a book can be in (what type of story it can be), it’s pacing, (or speed the story is told in) or how the book can portray an author’s worldview (although sometimes it may not portray it very well).

Such one example is the book “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” by Jules Verne, it’s genre is obviously science fiction, where they literally go to the center of the Earth, which for some reason is an ocean of mushrooms, so it can’t be nonfiction, the pacing is rather fast as hey go from place to place quickly, and the worldview this book would portray is evolutionist, because at one part they almost die to an “Early human”, however, Jules Verne was actually Catholic. (It’s actually disputed what Jules Verne’s worldview and religion was)

During one part in the term, I was taught about the different book types, and a book type such as Novels ( a long story that describes fictional characters and the events they go through in a sequential order, and it is always the longest type of book. ) and Horrors (a standard-small sized story, that is meant to put thrills and chills into the reader. It does this by making the reader feel like they are in the story, and then have cryptic moments in the story.)

I was taught how to even write good short stories (such as” “the merry men ate fish for a day, and: how Manny didn’t save the ice age baby) and how to analyze good literature arts.

The RPC English term for 7th grade is one of the best ways to learn about good literature, and I highly suggest that if you are looking for a good homeschool curriculum, that you use the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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History Review #31

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the topics in this week’s history lessons: – Atlantic Slave Trade
– William Wilberforce
– Taxation Acts in Great Britain
– Battle of Jumonville Glen

The Atlantic Slave Trade was a massive cultural and social development for England and The New World (aka America) from the 16th to 19th century, the Portuguese were the first to capture slaves in Africa and force them to hard labor in The New World, the Atlantic Slave Trade is divided into two eras, the First, and Second Atlantic Systems.

The Atlantic Slave abused the lives of approximately 10,000,000 slaves while it was able to operate, the Atlantic Slave Trade made use of the triangular trade route, a route that makes a profit at every stop in an order like this= England->Africa->America-> Goods were brought from England and sold in Africa, African slaves were sold to America, and resources and crops from America were sold to England.

The British joined the slave trade in 1500, and by 1783 , the Triangular trade route made up 80% of Britain’s foreign (or colonial) income, and it’s peak, England was the largest and grandest slave trader, standing high above the French, Dutch, Portuguese, even it’s own colonies, with slave labor.

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The Strongest Untitled Goose Game Villager

I have made a stunning discovery about the untitled goose game’s lovable villagers, almost  all of them thoroughly prepared to deal with the player’s antics. I will rank the ones I see most prepared to make the goose’s quest seem very difficult, however the number 1, because of the reasoning I have found, is the strongest, and most immune to the goose’s power, obstacles, traps, and maybe even, player’s intelligence. I bring you the top three strongest untitled goose game villagers.

Number 3. The Gentleman

The Gentleman is one of the two neighbors in the two yard’s section, out of the two, he is the cleanliest one, but because of how tidy he is, he will take all the stuff in his yard, that isn’t his, and throw it onto the messy neighbor’s yard. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING, because you could be setting up the two yard’s fetch quest (where you grab a bunch of items into one area) and then along comes the gentleman, who takes away all your nicely collected trinkets and clothing articles, and throw them away or take it back for himself. Well at least he can help you without a lot of quests, BECAUSE he throws things over the fence, and there are ways to get revenge at him from the messy neighbors side, so ring the giant bell and make him spit out his tea, and you will feel nice and goosey.

Number 2. The Burly Man

The Burly man is the head defense of the pub, and for a great many reasons, he has a smart(ish) AI, he will follow you very far distances to take that one plate that belonged to the pub, he is coordinated with the pub owner, and you interact a lot with him, he has a few weaknesses such as the ability to drop a bucket on his head, he does not inspect the delivery girls boxes (which you can hide in) and he sure loves tomato’s, so you can lure him, HOWEVER, those faults don’t really matter when you consider the pro’s, he is the number 2 villager in my eyes.

THE NUMBER 1 VILLAGER (the tv shop owner)

TV Shop Owner.png

This is the tv shopkeeper, she is actually the least interesting villager of the bunch, you barely interact with her, you only have two quests she can interfere with, she has no items you can steal, she stays in her shop 90% of the time in the game, only coming out to save the wimpy kid if you trapped him in the phone booth, that is. Now you might be thinking, “Why exactly would you put her at the top for strongest, in a game where you have to interact and steal from the village?” Well, remember when I said she will save the wimpy kid? she will stop at nothing to save him if he gets stuck, AND I MEAN NOTHING, because she has no items to call her own, and if she will not pay attention to you if you honk at her while she is saving the child, there is no way to distract her from saving the kid. And, if you thought you could block her with your own body, you can’t because she is a neutral villager, and will push you if you get to close. Now there is only one other option I could think of to stop her, and that is trap, specifically the garbage trap, now there are a ton of “heavy” items, that the goose can’t carry, but instead drag around, such as one of the messy neighbor’s sculptures, or a cardboard box, the one that is most effective is the garbage can however, as it blocks off narrow passageways, causing villager trying to get from one side to the other, completely blocked, so they have to walk all the way around town to get to you. It is also round edged, so the villagers can’t push it over, and because of that, the shopkeeper you can trap in the garage, cannot get out, (if you put the garbage can at the back door she escapes from) so this vessel for trash is pretty OP at screwing around the villagers. But you know what? the tv shopkeeper, WILL WALK. OVER IT. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but she is the only one to save the boy-child with a garbage can in front of her, even if you prop it against the shop door, she opens the door and causes the can to clip into the wall!? Because she is immune to basically anything the goose can do to stop her from saving the boy.

(btw this post is not at all supposed to be serious)

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Short Story, On How Manny Didn’t Save The Ice Age Baby.

Assignment: Write a short story of your own on a topic of your choice. Your short story should be at least two to three typed pages in length.

(this should be read as if it were surreal) It was just one of those ordinary days, except a day like today was not going to be that ordinary at all for Manny the Mammoth, but today, he would definitely not be expecting it. He had just finished his breakfast of nutritional grasses, and was continuing on his morning routine in the canyon he called home, when he decided he would pay no attention to Sid, the canyon maniac.

“Aren’t you going to talk to me?” said the very peculiar (and handsome) Sid the sloth, in a curious yet soothing manner. “No, I don’t, and I will not, because I would like it actually, if you left me alone so that I can enjoy today without peculiar yet very handsome sloths” said Manny prepared to do whatever it takes to not go on continent wide journeys to deliver something back to its kind. “It will be rather fun to go and talk by the river…?..” said the very peculiar (and getting on Manny’s nerves now) Sid the sloth.

“Will it make you leave me alone, If I were, perchance, to take a very peculiar yet handsome sloth to the river for C H A T T I N G, and would it make you go away?” said Manny, who was ready for some diplomacy, “Yes.” said the peculiar, and no longer handsome sloth S I D.

They had decided to walk to the river and C H A T about life and if eating oatmeal raisin cookies is illegal. “Well I would think they are rather cool, and good” said the peculiar Sid retorting Manny’s theory of how “The creation of rice pudding instead of oatmeal raisin could have saved, and not killed off the dinosaurs” when down South they heard a very earsplitting, blood drenching, spine chilling, WHINE.

“I believe we should put this very wonderful conversation on hold” said Sid the most peculiar, “Agreed” said Manny, who was hoping he would not go on an adventure at the time being. They waltzed on over to the lower part of the river to a woman who could not hold onto a branch that saved her from waterfall, “well, she never stood a chance against blue river, no one has.” said Manny.

“But looketh, there is a child, I suppose could have been her own on the shore, I say we save it” said the peculiar and foolish Sid. “Is your IQ level below 10? we must not save that monstrosity!” said the very wise Manny. “But don’t you want to go on a continent-wide journey to return it to its kind?” said the EXTREMELEY peculiar Sid

“No.” said Manny who took Sid and himself away from the river to have Sid not save the terrifying ice age babies from it’s soon demise.

The End.

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Science Review On Safety With Bears (Black Bears)

Assignment: Write a 150-word article on bears and bear safety using the resources from lesson 151.

Lets say you are going on a hike in a forest, and all is going well, when suddenly, a black bear appears in front of you, what should you do? Now while the black bear species by nature tend to be wary near humans and often stay away from them, however, just to be on the safe side follow these steps

1. Stay away from bears, this one is kind of obvious why, but if you get close enough to a bear, it may think you are attacking, and so it may fight “back”.

2. Never feed bears, feeding bears will make them less fearful and more bold, causing them to raid garbage cans and other places where human food could be.

3 Remain calm.

4. Make the bear know of your presence by singing softly, talking assertively, clapping your hands, or making other noises.

5. If somehow, a bear gets in your home, provide it with an escape route by opening all doors.

6. Avoid eye contact, if you make direct stares at the bear, it may take it as a challenge from you.

7. Never run from a bear, instead back away from the bear slowly by walking backwards.

8. If a bear stands on its hind legs or moves closer, it is often not an threat and it is more likely trying to get a better view or smell the air.

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History Review #30

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the topics in this week’s history lessons: – The Glorious Revolution
– The Acts of Union
– Kings George I and George II
– Kings Louis XV and XVI

The king during the time of The Glorious Revolution, was king James II of England and Scotland, and also named king James VII of Scotland. He served from 1685 until the year of the revolution, 1688, he was the last Roman Catholic king of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

James II was the second son of Charles I and ascended the throne when his older brother Charles II died, many thought that James II was becoming an absolute especially when he tried to produce a Catholic monarch as heir to the throne. James is most known for his struggles with Parliament and Anglican establishment.

The initial heir to the throne was James’ daughter Mary, a protestant and wife of William of Orange, while James had a son, the parliament believed a Roman Catholic monarchy would develop. Even some of the Tories (supporters of the king) agreed with the Whigs (supporters of parliament) that something should be done about the king.

William III of Orange was the ruler of Orange-Nassau region in the Netherlands and husband of Mary, king James daughter. When James appointed his son as heir, the parliament invited William to invade England and help in deposing James II, William was so succesfull that in 1689 he was appointed Parliament to declare him and Mary co-rulers of England.

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Writing Assignment: 25 lines of poetry

For this week’s writing assignment, write a poem on the following topic:
Topic: Write a poem of at least 25 lines describing a moment or object in your life.
Your assignment should be one typed page in length.

My families’ ducks.

The moment we saw them inside of they’re box,

We took them out of it,

And straight in to their coop,

Their coop was then filled,

Supplied with feed and a tray of water, with a top lid to protect from poop.

Then in return they filled us with glee and delight,

Even when they slept they were calming and cute,

All through the day, and all through the night.

They were still very scared and wary of us,

Even though they have now warmed up slightly,

They hide in the corner when my mother (and sometimes me) cleans up their coop.

We still have had trouble giving each of them a name,

Outside of one, that is, (Lena, the one with a crest)

The rest of them have little differences, and look quite the same.

They started growing fast (now nearly tripled in size)

So my dad built a small outdoor coop for them to rest outside.

It was bigger than the normal coop,

It had a pond ( you could call it that ) that the ducks like to be in.

Both to swim and to play, cooling off in the sun,

At the end of the day, we take them in for the night

They are full of calm, not fright,

I really love our ducklings,

Growing up fast,

I hope a bond is made, and it will last.

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History Review #29

Writing Assignment: Write a three page paper on this week’s history topic: Summarize what you learned about colonial culture this week.

This week’s lessons covered the lifestyle, jobs, and culture of early colonial America in 1700’s, the four lessons studied the cities, government, occupations, home life, and children of the colonies.

The cities in colonies were made to be either as port towns (or towns built for a harbor) or seats of government, and the largest cities organized in America were near harbors, like Boston, Philadelphia, or Charleston. (Harbors were important because they allowed trade to England)

Important features of any colonial city included:

  • Churches.
  • Government buildings (at least a courthouse)
  • Gathering spaces
  • A grid-like street pattern
  • A market
  • Tradesmen sections
  • Houses (of course!)

The Colonial Government in most colonies was divided into two pieces: the Governor’s council and House of Burgesses. The Governor’s council was a group of advisors appointed by the Governor to help run the colony. The House of Burgesses was made up of representatives elected by the people to serve for a set period of years. The two houses could meet separately on their own separate wings of the government building, or meet together for a council.

The jobs we studied this week included:

  • Barber (who’s job not only included giving haircuts, but bloodletting)
  • Blacksmith (who smithed Iron)
  • Cabinetmaker (*makes cabinets*)
  • Clockmaker (makes clocks and fixes them)
  • Cobbler (who’s job required fixing and shining shoes)
  • Cooper (who’s job is to make and mold barrels)
  • Doctor
  • Farmer
  • Grocer (who sells food, clothes, and other supplies)
  • Hatters (who’s job is to make hats)
  • Miller (someone who owns a mill and main way of making money was through grinding the grain the farmer payed him to grind)
  • Sailor
  • Silversmith (who’s job was like the blacksmith’s, but instead worked with silver)
  • Tailor (who’s job was to make clothes)
  • Wigmaker (who’s job was to make white wigs for people)

The only room in a colonial house in the 1700’s had but one room, which was named a Keeping Room, the colonial family would eat, sleep, cook and live in one room. (sometimes an attic was put in for extra storage or extra beds) Eventually families could get large enough that they would have to add more rooms, they were called saltbox houses and some can still be seen today*

Thanks to many technological advancements most of everything from colonial advancements have changed, and the colonists had to do a lot of work to get what we can just buy from the store today, food, clothes, even houses all had to be made by the hard labor of new families in the colony, but instead of discouraging hard work, the first newcomers to America managed to get more immigrants and establish a stable country, and later, a nation.

See the source image
*a saltbox house*
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Books 9-12 In The Odyssey.

Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write an essay on the following assignment: Topic Summarize the story line of books 9-12 in the Odyssey.
Your assignment should be two to three typed pages in length.

Book nine of the epic story/poem The Odyssey begins with Odysseus introducing himself to the reader and a brief explanation of what had happened to him and his crew in the books that lead up to his victory over the city of Troy. He explains how now he wants to get back to his home in Ithaca, and to his wife Penelope, who is being constantly swarmed by unwanted suitors trying to convince Penelope to marry them.

Odysseus and his crew decide to sail back to Ithaca and they do just that, when they eventually make their way to the island of the Cyclops, where, the cyclops decides to eat some of Odysseus’s crew. (and saves the rest some for a breakfast the next day, not cool!) So Odysseus and his men try and figure out a way to escape by utilizing a torch and the Cyclops’s one eye, AKA burning it up. They then proceed to escape with the Cyclops’s sheep and sail away. However, Odysseus’s ego get’s the best of him and makes him taunt the Cyclops during their escape, in fact, he tells him his name (bad idea) and the Cyclops actually tattles on him to his father, Poseidon. So of course Poseidon gets really mad at him and send the waves against him to postpone his journey home.

Book ten begins with Odysseus and his crew Still stuck in the Greek sea thanks to Poseidon, the Sirens, and Scyea, the snake legged beast, when they land on the island that Aeolus resided on, and who was kind enough to give Odysseus a bag with all the winds, outside of the west wind. (the one they could use to get back home) However while Odysseus was sleeping, his crewmembers opened the bag thinking their was treasure, and accidently let loose a wind storm on the ship, sending them to the isle of men eaters. (or cannibals)

After that fiasco, they sailed to the island of Circe (a powerful witch with the power to turn humans into pigs, (which is what she did to Odysseus’s remaining men) but Hermes gives Odysseus a herb that made him immune to her spells, and Circe struck a deal with him, she would turn his crew back to men, in exchange for marrying her. Odysseus agreed (good thing Penelope never found out) and he and Circe stayed together for a year or so, when Odysseus and his men decided to sail to the end of the world, where a bunch ghosts were staying, and Odysseus + his men talked with the ghosts (more importantly his dead mother, who told him to go back to Ithaca, because Penelope was getting pretty darn overwhelmed at his house)

Odysseus and his men proceed to travel to Ithaca, when Poseidon (remember him?) breaks their boat, kills all of his men, and leaves him deserted on an island (Kalypso’s island). Where Kalypso makes him her boyfriend, and he remains trapped on the island for the next seven years. Eventually the gods orchestrate his escape from the island, but because of a few screwups in the plan, Poseidon almost succeeds in stopping the escape when a friendly nymph helps launch his raft towards clam waters. After a few days at sea, Odysseus lands back at Ithaca, however the suitors decide to try and kill him before he can get back to his house. He escapes and disguises himself as a peasant and hides at farmhouses when he meets up with his son, they both spend a moment with each other, until they decide that they want to clean out their house of the suitors eating their food and spending their money. They eventually do so in their plan and Odysseus finally returns back with to his happy wife Penelope in Ithaca, a Happy Ending.

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History Review #28

Writing Assignment: Choose one of the men from the Great Awakening and write a biography of his life: – Theodore Frelinghuysen
– Jonathan Edwards
– George Whitefield
– Cotton Mather

In 17th century North America, it was common to blame regular misfortunes to a supernatural source, and many believed the devil was upon and active on the Earth, so from 1560 to 1670, witchcraft persecutions became common as superstitions were associated with the devil.

Specifically in Salem witch trials and persecutions were very strong, and about 20 people were executed because of being tried for “witchcraft” in 1692 to 1693.

Now, before 1692 there had been rumors of a large amount of witches in Salem and the villages around it. Cotton Mather (picture below) a Boston minister, believed that all Witchcraft existed and should be eradicated. His groundwork is what is believed to be behind the violence of the Salem Witch Trials.

Cotton Mather was the son and Grandson of prominent Puritan ministers, born in 1663. He attended the Latin school in Boston, and graduated Harvard at 15. Mather wrote more than 450 books & pamphlets, and participated in the great awakening of the 17th century.

Image result for Cotton Mather
Cotton Mather
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Poem Assignment

Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write an essay on the following assignment:
Write a poem, similar in style to those of Alfred Tennyson, about one of your personal heroes and his/her accomplishments.
Your assignment should be about one typed page in length

For Jim Henson with much respect.

Jim Henson’s ideas were a brimming of creativity.

His movies and shows are masterful.

Improving puppets further from primitivity.

Fraggle rock and Muppet show where brilliant.

Thank you to Jim Henson for making such wonderful puppets and movies.

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History Review #27

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing the development n some of the colony’s as described in today’s review lesson.

The 13 Colonies were a series of British settlements on the Atlantic coast of North America between 1607 and 1733. Each colony was self-governed by the people who lived in the colony. The colonies began with Virginia and ended with Georgia.

The very first colony was Virginia, which started by expanding the colony of Jamestown. (Jamestown was also Virginia’s capital until 1699 when it was changed to Williamsburg)

New Jersey was the Dutch’s controlled part of the new world in 1610. In 1664 during the second of Anglo-Dutch wars, the English captured Fort Amsterdam and took the Netherlands claims. This became the colony new Jersey, with England claiming prior right to the land because of John Cabot’s discovery of it.

Georgia, established 1732, was the last colony and the furthest one south. General James Ogrethope organized the clony for people in a lot of debt. Savanah was the first capital of Georgia and is where the last landing of settlers was.

So let it be known forever, that I am terrible at writing endings.

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Sir Gawain And Cecily’s Stolen Cane.

Write a one to two page essay on the following topic:
Write a story of one of the knights of the Round Table having an adventure. Be sure to write it in the style of the Middle Ages, using era appropriate words and ideas.

Sir Gawain was taking an afternoon stroll in the countryside one day, enjoying the Summer breeze and birds singing from the nearby trees, when a young man with a shovel approached him. “Sir Gawain! sir Gawain! could you spare any time helping us find an object we have lost? it is of great importance!” said Cecily, the leader of the bunch. “What troubles you my good sir?” said Gawain, wondering of how much importance was the lost item. “I have lost my grandfather’s favorite cane!” Cecily lamented, “and why would you need the assistance of a knight for this? do you even know how you lost it, and an idea where it could be?” Gawain asked. “Well, actually some ruffians happened to have made away with it, and I am too scared to go and to retake it.” said Cecily.

“Then I shall help you in this quest to take back the cane and teach those thieves a lesson!, where are they, by chance?” Asked the now brave faced Gawain. “To the West, quite close to town actually” said Cecily. Gawain and Cecily preceded on to a small cave entrance near a small sign that read-NO TRESPASSING, TRESPASSERS WILL BE BEATEN. “This is why I said I could not go to take it back grandfather!” Cecily exclaimed. “Well, I think I will be able to help you now” Gawain comforted, “Hello?! Is anyone in there?! If you have stolen a cane from this fellow, I would enjoy for you to step outside and return the object, for I am sir Gawain, and I am not afraid to use my sword in a chivalrous duel for it!”

Out of the darkness a large burly man trudged out of the dark cave, holding both the cane that belonged to Cecily’s grandfather, it’s top being made of a shiny gold goose, and a long-sword in his other hand, with it’s tip shining and incredibly sharp. “What say it a duel? Did you want this sir Gawain, if you win then you can have the cane back.” Said the burly man, in a deep and growly voice, “and which one is the knight? because neither of you seem like one!” he said in a jokingly manner. “I will battle you!” said Gawain, drawing his sword and a stern expression. “And we have no time for jokes!” said Cecily. “Alright, then have at ye!” said the burley man dropping the cane and swinging his sword at Gawain.

In the few minutes, Cecily would be viewing the quickest fight he had ever seen, with Gawain almost throwing his sword around, and after just a few seconds, the burley man was unarmed, his sword flying towards the ground a next few feet to the ground. “Augh! I’m sorry for the trouble about the cane! h-here take it, I promise you I won’t from that village again! y-your lucky my friends are not here, o-otherwise, y-you wouldn’t have won!” he picked up his sword and ran off towards the hills.

“I don’t think you’ll have to deal with them again Cecily, and if there is a next time, don’t get into that kind trouble” said Gawain turning around and smiling, “thank you sir Gawain, I don’t know how to repay you, but if you wanted, you can have this sir” Cecil said as he handed Gawain a bag of sweet biscuits. “Oh this is quite tasty!” Gawain said after he bit into one, “I was feeling rather peckish too, and I will savor this!” and then Cecily and sir Gawain parted ways, one feeling relived, and the other one feeling filled

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History Review #26

Write a one to two page summary of the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings and how it influenced the monarchy in England under James I, Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell.

The history of Christianity and Middle Ages is all about the relationships of culture, the king had his responsibilities and the people were to be loyal to the king, the divine right of kings was a philosophy that taught the king was divinely appointed and was answerable only to God. Henry VIII was the first to teach this philosophy, and later kings followed and built on it to get more power, but accidentally inciting rebellion from the peoples.

King James (VII of Scotland, I of England and Ireland) was the first king to rule all 3 kingdoms, when king James came to power he decided to advance the Episcopal church as the state religion. James backed the idea that every man should be able to read the Bible, and so the version of the Bible known as the King James Version was made and still is read today.

King Charles I succeeded his father James as the king of Scotland, England, and Ireland, Charles supported the Anglican church and appointed William Laud as archbishop of Canterbury. Charles disagreed with the parliament (because of “The Divine Right Of Kings remember) which eventually led to a civil war and his execution.

When Charles became king, he did not have the an understanding of the Scottish life, he tried to enforce the Laudian Prayer Book and Episcopal liturgy on the kirks of Scotland. The people began to rebel because of how to were being pushed around, and signed a covenant to fight against the crown’s oppressions.

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Monthly Meme Time!

Here is some meme’s for this month (I had secretly decided to make it a monthly schedule last month on the 14th, so that you look for the next one)

Who let the dogs out? WHO, WHO ,WHO, WHO | The world Health Organization has declared that dogs are immune to Covid-19 All dogs currently in quarantine can be released In summary, WHO | image tagged in cnn breaking news template,dogs,corona virus,covid-19 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Ah, yes, POTATO | image tagged in it's all complicated words and numbers that make no sense,potato,i am a potato,so much books,history | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No more prosperity! | image tagged in wow,success,demotivationals | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
We did it we time traveled | (cough) 2020 GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HAVE CORONA | image tagged in we did it we time traveled,memes,time travel,2020,coronavirus,corona virus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

That’s the end!, if you liked the post, then don’t forget to upvote! (please & thankyou)

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History Review #24

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page on the following:- Peace of Augsburg
– William of Orange
– Cardinal Richelieu
– Louis XIV

William of Orange (or William the Silent) was prince of Orange (nowadays known as France) in the 16th century, he was a leader of the Dutch rebellion against the Catholic Spanish, and his actions eventually led to the 80 year’s war and the Dutch freedom.

The 80 Year’s War

William was a prominent and popular politician, so he was able to gather masses of the Dutch to take on the Spanish.

The war that is known as the 80 year’s war began on the year 1568 and lasted until 1648 (hence the name) and the end result was the Dutch gaining freedom from the Spanish crown.

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The Small Joy’s Tag

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  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • List fifteen of your small joys.
  • Tag five blogger friends who bring you joy.

https://fernsblog80597915.wordpress.com/ (That’s My Nominator, Fernembrey)

15 Small Joys

1. Getting chores done.

2.Seeing a good meme.

3.Making a friend laugh

4.Buying donuts

5.Cooking spaghetti

6.Listening to Jazz

7. Playing Pieano

8. Biking

9. Watching you sleep (Does this count)

10. Catching a shiny Pokémon

11. Seeing cool clouds

12. Getting a good night’s sleep.

13. Playing tag with my siblings

14. Writing blog posts

15.Looking at the cool crabs (reference at the bottom)

My Nominees (only 3 this time)

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82705567, aka Cmatt13

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/100732649, aka The Dreamer

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/59701333, aka the Inspired Page

Image result for cool crab
a kool crab

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Science Essay (On Sharp Stuff)

Assignment: Write a short blog post on selecting sharp stuff for trekking and camping.

In this blog post I will explain what type of Knife/Axe you would need for a camping trip or nature trek in the wild. (there will be pictures of the type you would want at the bottom of the post)

KNIFES: The best knife for a camping trip is a 4-6 long bladed knife with a graspable handle*, your knife must be at least 4 inches long, or it would be useless, but if it 6-inches for higher, you could bring with a knife that was really a short sword. (ALSO, do not select a fancy looking knife**, because those are made for collector and are often pretty useless)

AXES: There are 3 main sizes of axes, a large two-handed size***, that you would use for chopping down large trees. Medium**** sized axes that are good for normal sized trees, and the size you would cut up fire wood with. (note: any number of hands is able to use a medium) And small*****, which is one-handed if your hands aren’t small, but only useful for small purposes that your knife can’t help with. Medium in my opinion is the best, because it is easy to carry around, but quite powerful.

See the source image
*4-6 inch long, gripable handle that you would you would want.
Acemas Fire Dragon Fantasy Dagger
**blade is to fancy to use, and the handle is part of the blade near the bottom of itself
**** large two handed, very tiering to carry along with you on your trek/camping trip!
Image result for medium sized axes
***** medium sized axe, very carriable, very strong
Image result for small sized axes
***** a small (and unsuspecting) axe, up to it’s much larger predator, the medium sized axe
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History Review #23

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on the development of one of the colonies studied this week: – Jamestown and the first settlers
– Plymouth Colony and the pilgrims
– The Providence Colony

When queen Elizabeth 1 of England died, she left no heir, and king James 1 to take rule, and changed and changed many thins about how to worship the Christian way in England, one such group people did not agree with the liturgical changes, that is, the pilgrims, had enough with the constant change and fled Leiden, Holland. However most of the pilgrims were farmers, so making a living in Holland was quite tough, so they decided to try and move to America.

The Mayflower was the ship that would take them there. The Mayflower was captained by Christopher Jones, and chartered to take the pilgrims to America in 1620, the passengers landed 3 months after setting sail in November, and the ship anchored were modern day Cape Cod is.

Before the pilgrims stepped off the boat, they wrote The Mayflower Compact, which was a social compact written by the leaders of the pilgrims.

The Colony held multiple similarities to Jamestown, with the first few years holding no gain, and much loss, but by 1623, they were in good shape, the colony was governed by William Bradford, whose book The Plymouth Plantation was a complete history of the colony.

The Plymouth Colony was eventually absorbed by the Massachusetts colony that soon appeared nearby.

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History Review #21

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing the story of one of the following: – Elizabeth I
– Sir Frances Drake
– The Anglo-Spanish War
– Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the most interesting and noteworthy men of the Elizabethan era, he was a writer, spy, soldier, politician, an explorer, and made Tobacco popular in England.

Raleigh was born during the age that queen “Bloody” Mary 1’s reign, and his family was an extreme protestant family, and so it was a dangerous time for him. Having to hide from Mary’s soldiers caused a deep hatred for Catholisim, and he strongly suppoerted Protestisim during his time as a politician.

He did many things during his time as a politician, such as being knighted and appointed as warden for some mines in England, he was in Parliament for 2 years, and queen Elizabeth gave him many gifts. However he also married the queen’s lady in waiting, and Elizabeth had him imprisoned for a short time. He did get back in her favor and have his high status returned to him

But that part of his life, and his first few jobs were not what Raleigh is remebered for, because he is most known for starting the first ever American colony, known as the lost colony of Roanoke.

During his exploring days, Raleigh had explored along the Eastern coast of America, from Florida to Virginia (he even named some of it, such as “Virginia” after the “virgin queen” Elizabeth) but in 1587, he decided to start a colony on Roanoke island and organized a group of people to go and live on it with him. But when he went to get supplies from England one year, he had came back to find his entire colony gone, with the only traces being the words CROATION on tree trunks. No one has ever understood was happened to the Roanoke colony.

After the death of queen Elizabeth, king James 1 came to rule, and he susspected that Raleigh would commit treachery against him, (even though there was no good evidence) but the court found him guilty, he did not get a death sentence, but he lived in the tower of London until 1616. (the day he died)

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Literature Essay

Assignment: Choose two or three books from this year’s reading and analyze the worldview of the author. Identify the worldview, and explain how it is demonstrated in the book.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court is the first book I will talk about, and written by Mark Twain as a bit of a humor book. It follows the story of a Yankee from 1857 some how ending up in the time of King Arthur, and how he turns the lands into the a technologically advanced kingdom. (at least for the middle ages)

Mark Twain’s worldview was Cristian Theism, as seen in MANY of his books, this one book in particular shows off it, as multiple times the main character makes fun of the old ways of worship the church has compared to the modern-day worship. Mark Twain seemed to be an anarchist (at least in my views, based off this book) as Clarence (the main character) keeps trying to put Arthur off his throne and does not want to be part of the higher-ups of the kingdom.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth was a book written by Jules Verne, it was a science-fiction book about a scientist, his nephew, and their guide, going through a massive cave system of wonders.

Jules Verne was a Catholic, but he was all over the place with his worldviews as written in books, and this book in particular takes a very Atheist/Evolutionism world view, as none of the character appear to be religious, plus the professor says there is no time for anything outside of the discovery of the center of the Earth (where’s God?) and one of the chapters has the characters run into a skeleton of what seems to be an “early man”, which is clearly stating the evolutionist theme.

Little Men is the last book I will talk about, written by Louisa May Alcott. It follows the story of young boys growing up through tough times and fun, and how they become men.

Louisa May Alcott’s world view was a Cristian Theism view (like Mark Twain) and it is easy to see with multiple times the children mention Christian religious topics in a good way, and near the end of one of the last chapters they pray for one of the boys uncle.

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The Liebster Award

Thanks to Reagan, who nominated me, the blog is here: https://raegansfullmind.wordpress.com/


  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
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11 Facts About Me:

I have stolen ketchups from Chick-fil-a

My family and I own a fish(s)

I like pineapple pizza

I am cutting the facts down to 8

I have watched and read the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

I’m an epic gamer

I can tell you LXX is 70 because I know Roman numerals

I am getting close to writing my 100th blog post (one to go!)

Questions for Digory (by Reagan) (:

  1. Do you like to put on lotion? I can’t remember, probably means no
  2. Who is your favorite President? JFK
  3. When do you have to move out of you parents house(like what age)? IDK yet
  4. Do you like school? H**K YES!!!
  5. Do you think essential oils work? I have used them to know they work
  6. Do you have a pet dog? We were going to, but then we realized we weren’t ready for it. (btw its name was Bogart and it was a cute Swedish Wolfhound+Dashcund breed)
  7. What is your favorite type of music? Not Rap music, maybe Orchestraic
  8. What was the first blog you ever followed? Cozy Oubliette, I think Cozy was the one to make me want to start a blog, so credits to the blog here: https://cozyoubliette.wordpress.com/2020/02/07/biology-lesson-110-chordates/
  9. What kind of pet do you like? A cat, if I weren’t allergic, a dog, if my brother wasn’t scared of them, a hamster or fish probably
  10. Who is your fav celebrity. I really don’t know, probably Jeff Goldblum
  11. Are you home schooled? Why am I writing essays? yes.





My questions |:

1.Bamboo or Bonsai’s?

2.Do you like licking stamps

3.Up or Down

4.Is Rap overrated?

5.Can you touch your nose to your tongue?

Image result for baby yoda or baby nut

6.Baby yoda or baby nut?

7.Fortnite, yay or nay?

8.Are you allergic to anything?

9.If you were allergic to anything, does it get triggered often?

10. Were the questions good?

11. Are you having a good 2020?

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History Review #21

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on the following: Give a summary of the reigns of one of the following monarchs:- Henry VIII
– Edward VI
– Lady Jane Grey
– Queen Mary (“Bloody Mary”)
– John Knox
– Mary, Queen of Scots

Edward VI, was born in 1537 to King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. When he was age nine, his father died, leaving him with the responsibilities of the king. He died of tuberculosis at age 18, having never been married.

Edward’s reign as king was full of problems since the beginning, ascending the throne while still a kid presented a backdrop for factional in fighting and power plays, Henry VIII, in his last few days alive, tried to get rid of this problem setting up council to govern until the child came of age, but Edward Seymour (Edward VI’s uncle) used this to get his hand into being a sort-of king for the time being. The Council offered Seymour the Protectorship of the realm and the Dukedom of Somerset; he genuinely cared for both the boy and the realm, but used the Protectorship, as well as Edward’s religious radicalism, to further his Protestant interests.

When he came of age to rule, an economic hardship had taken over England,and foreign regions were unorganized to be of any economical assistance, unemployment soared, enclosure of monastic lands deprived many peasants of their food. The coinage lost value as new coins were minted from inferior metals, as specie from the New World flooded English markets. A French/Scottish alliance caused England to try and take back Scotland, (this was eventually accomplished)

Edward was a highly intellectual and pious lad who fell prey to the plots of his powerful Council of Regency. His frailty led to an early death. Had he lived into manhood, he potentially could have become one of England’s greatest kings. Jane Austen wrote, “This Man was on the whole of a very amiable character…”, to which Beckett added, ” as docile as a lamb, if indeed his gentleness did not amount to absolute sheepishness.”

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History Review #20

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on this week’s history:This week use your notes and the summary lesson about the Reformation to write your own summary on a part of the movement.Include names, dates, and important documents to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

The French Huguenots :

Like many reformers of their day, the French Huguenots believed the French Catholic church needed a change, they were not popular with the Catholics, who where often at high positions. Persecution arose and the Huguenots found themselves running for their lives.

The French Huguenot War:

Through persecution however, the Hugenots could manage to increase their numbers and eventually start a civil war against France’s Catholic church. (there were eight civil wars, between 1562 and 1589) In the Fall of 1578 the St Bartholomew’s day massacre of killed thousands of Huguenots in Paris. The edict of Nantes was issued by Henry IV to help end the war, it stated that Catholisim was the state religion of France, but that Huguenots were free to worship they want. The edict protectd the Hugeunots until it was throuwn out by Louis XVI


The Hugeunots who lived under king Luis XVI decided to flee this new wave of of persceution , eventually though, the Edict of Fointanblu, in 1685, made Protetinism illegal, many of the remaining Hugeunots fled and moved to Switzeland, England, or North America.

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The Liebster Award

Thank You Mia for nominating me for the Liebster award


  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog. Write a small post about what motivates you in life (not just in blogging)
  2. Nominate 2 – 6 blogs that you feel would enjoy blogging about this award the award.
  3. Create 5 creative and unique questions for your nominees. The more creative and unique could mean you win the prize at the end of the year!!
  4. List these rules in your post 
  5. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated


  1. I beat hard games,
  2. I like to take names,
  3. I think cigars are lame.


1. Have you been to Florida? yeah, its a cool place

2. What is you favorite breakfast? Rice pudding with earl grey tea.

3. Have you ever burnt yourself? yeah, it seems like we all do.

4. What do you think of Billie Eilish? Made me some good memes, but also made me feel like OOFing.

5. What do you think of the term Chicken Legs? They make MY chicken ~TenDeR~

6. Do you like History and English? YES!!

7. Are you happy now? Yes

8. Are you possessed by an evil spirit? Maybe

9. Do you like Halloween? If I celebrated it, maybe.

10. Do you believe in paranormal stuff? Nah, although I joke about them occasionally

Person who have been nominated:



My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite blog award type? (mystery, real neat, liebster, Andromeda award etc.)
  2. Anchovy or Pineapple pizza?
  3. What’s your favorite comic strip (like in the newspapers)
  4. Do you use fidget spinners
  5. Do you draw?
  6. are you a VSCO girl/Eboy
  7. Have you ever trampolined
  8. what is your 8th favorite food
  9. Whats the most expensive THING (object, only one) you have ever purchased?
  10. Do u have a pet?
  11. What is your favorite theme park attraction (if you have been to one)

And that is it. Don’t forget to lightly touch that like and follow button (but not too hard, I would feel bad if someone were to break those buttons)

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OK, I could have posted this earlier, but I had been paying attention to the latest numbers of followers, but still, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOLLOWING MY BLOG!!!!!! I could not this without all of you!

Here is a list of the last 15 followers of my blog!!! (but thank you to everyone before that!)
















Thanks to everyone (yes, even if you aren’t following my blog) And have a great week!

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History Review #18

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page description of the life of the following Reformer: Ulrich Zwingli

Ulrich Zwingli was a 16th century reformer of the church in Switzerland, like many reformers, Zwingli did not agree with what the pope saw himself as, and saw that only the scripture should have high authority over man. However Zwingli’s views were very different compared to a lot of other Reformers in the world.

Zwingli was born in the year of 1484, and was the son of a peasant, he was sent to school and was entrhalled by music and classic books. He almost became a monk but instead decided on going to the university of Vienna.

In 1506, Zwingli became a priest and pastored as a work in Glarus, he studied Greek and Hebrew, and communicated with Erasmus, and he worked at the chapel for the Swiss army.

Zwingli became a reformer in 1523 when he published his 67 Artikel, a list of dissagremments with the Catholic Church, and the Zurich Council backed his publishment. (his paper was more of a represented theology of life that reforms the church.) Zwingli’s reforms were a radical change to what church had of to that day, he based his reforms based entirely off of scripture.

He also worked on his own language bible, because their were no switzerland bibles for common folk.

Eventually a mob of Catholists had found his location and eventually had him killed.

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The Liebster Award

Thank you to Andromeda who has a pretty cool & good blog, and give that blog credit.

Ok, Question time!!!!

  1. What is your favorite band? Dr teeth and the electric mayhem.
  2. If you could bring one person back to life, who would it be? myself on the in inside.
  3. Where do you spend most of your time? (besides your house) I spend a lot of time at parks.
  4. If you had to become a teacher, what subject and grade would you teach? The History (of nation or of memes) to 7th graders
  5. What is your favorite summertime activity? Swimming and sun-baking memes.
  6. Would you rather make the world’s thinnest twine or the world’s thickest rope? thinnest twine.
  7. What is the worst thing you have ever seen? Someone explode into itty-bitty pieces.
  8. What is one item you would remove from existence? Campbell’s soup
  9. What is one animal you would remove from existence? mosquitoes
  10. What is your least favorite sport? baseball (time for hate mail I guess) reason why: its so slow, I could say that about golf and fishing, except with fishing you almost always get dinner if your mildly successful, and golf courses are FuNKy.



Colton (?)


Green Mountain Girl




  • What animal would you like to become for 1-2 hour(s)?
Image result for archen plush
  • This is arg, would you have him as a pet?
  • Would you agree with what I answered with on question 8?
  • do you have a favorite video game? if not, would you name one that you may have played?
  • do you have allergies?
  • When was the longest time you were sick? and what were you sick with?
  • do you keep a journal?
  • what is your favorite post I have posted on my blog?
  • what is your favorite blog post that you posted on your blog?
  • what’s your favorite letter of the alphabet? (any language)

Thats it. check out the blog links or I will fill your house with these bois

Image result for crabs
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Surreal Memes Section Dos.

Join the tren of surreal memes is quite accomplished. Watch and be full of joy for these memes bending normality.

Related image
Image result for surreal memes
Image result for surreal memes

Image result for meme man
Image result for surreal fruit memes

Hmmm yes. Good memes deserve like 😉😉😉 if they must

Good bye fellows, this is the end of a post.

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Literature Review On The Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story involves a German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the center of the Earth. I will analyze the different places he and his expedition go through, and check how some of them contrast.

The story starts with the mentioned professor and his nephew Axle (Axle is young man who is content living at the in because he is both timid and his love interest lives near him) living in at an inn, having an argument about whether or not a piece of Icelandic writing was proof that there was a way to the center of the Earth.

The Uncle was right about his idea, when he goes to their library and manages to translate that tome of Icelandic talks about a passage into the volcano kneels.

In the next set of chapters, they get a guide and supplies for the journey to the mount kneels, and in this part, what almost (outside of the uncle) is thinking that they should be back home, as this area is described as rough and dangerous, and the thoughts of the nephew (which is the person we see the most thoughts from) are stressed and a little scared, as he never been mountain climbing, but, the Uncle was right as they find spot to drill a hole on the inside of volcano, that eventually leads to one giant cavern.

The next 5 chapters is spent in a GIGANTIC cavern full of tree-like mushrooms and lit-up by a weird electronic gas, as the supply of food starts to dwindle, the nephew starts another argument with the professor as the are going through the gigantic cave, and as the guide finds an entrance into an even larger ocean, which stops their argument.

In one of the last few chapters, they get a raft built out of said mushrooms and sail on what Otto named the Lidenbrock ocean, and they see an Ichthyosaurus fight a Plesiosaurus and win, after that battle they land at an island with a large geyser in middle and name it Axle island, and find a wall, they think will take to them to the center of the Earth, and plan to destroy it with gun cotton, and sail out to sea to avoid the blast.

Their plan works for the most part, up until where they find out that the wall would lead an absolute GINORMOUS geyser, and that all the water was falling into to it, as they were carried away by the sea to it, the geyser started lifting them up and out of the underground until they found themselves ejected out of a side vent of a stratovolcano on the island on the island Stromboli ( a southern volcanic island off of Italy) and make their way home, the guide would go back to Iceland, Otto would be considered one of the greatest scientists, and the nephew would get married.

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History Review #16

Write a one to two page biographical summary of the life of John Cabot

Born in 1450, Cabot was the son of a merchant. As a boy he learned much about sailing and navigating, he was married at age 24.

Cabot became a citizen of Venice in 1476, and moved to England in 1488. He was intrigued by the sudden riches and exciting voyages of sailing, and so Cabot wanted to go exploring on the sea.

The first crew he sailed out with was 18 men and a ship named the Mathew. 50 days after setting sail, they landed in North America, but, Cabot believed he had landed in Asia, like Columbus and other explorers.

After returning to England, Cabot made another expedition, the journey consisted of 5 ships and 300 men, but oddly enough, the explorers never returned. Including John Cabot, who supposedly died at age 39.

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History Review #16 (On Prince Henry The Navigator)

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page on the following people we learned about this week:

Prince Henry was the Prince of Portugal, born to King John 1 in 1394.

His life was pretty uneventful, except, at 21, he and father and brothers were captured by pirates in a port in Morocco, they were able to return to Portugal, but it was then that Henry decided he wanted to end all pirate attacks on West Africa.

Now, it owould seem strange, but this man had such a large passion for exploring, but, he actually never went on ANY of his explorations, instead, he would only fund them, 50 of them to be exact.

Henry’s captains had found a good many discoveries and founded a few colonies in Africa, he died in 1460.

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Book Report On The Lion Of The North.

For this book report, I will summarize Malcolm’s character growth. (“The Lion Of The North” is a novel written by G.A Henty, about the 30 year’s war, and a soldier in the war named Malcolm)

The story starts out with a seeing Malcolm, a mellow, smugly virtuous young 16-year-old boy, living in the country of Hungary. However, one day the 30 year’s war starts and his life gets changed quickly as he is drafted into the war, to fight alongside the currently famous Gustavus Adolphus.

In the first few chapters personality barely changes, outside of the carelessness he shows, working in the army and with Gustavus, and so, he proceeds to survive to through the first few years of battle.

In one chapter, Malcolm is captured by some peasants during an offensive military strike on a German town, he learns about what the peasants of a foreign country’s life is like, and after learning how to escape is sort-of prison, he makes away back to the army.

This process of thought he has after those events is still the same way, and at this point until very late in the book there is pretty much just battle strategys being rolled by G.A.henty and pretty much just the 30 year’s war.

But one chapter Malcolm hears (and later sees) that Gustavus had died, this leaves Malcolm with a bit of a depression throughout the chapter.

On the final 3 chapters, the war had just and Malcolm had been given the option to go home, on the first chapter of the war’s end, he is filled with a bit of discomfort because he killed some people, and that he felt guilty, but decided to go home, and on the last chapters, he celebrates the war’s end.

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Surreal Memes

Hmm yes, it has been too long since the last pleasurable compilation has come into this dimension. These memes are so un-understandable they should stop this page from growing mold.

Image result for the cheese wheel is coming surreal
Image result for surreal; memes
Image result for surreal; memes
Image result for surreal garfield memes

Oh no, Garfield, WHat has hE DoNE?-

Use links below to save image.
Image result for surreal memes that shred the fabric of reality
Image result for surreal memes that shred the fabric of reality


The singularity of this memes is too much. It must now be eviicted.


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History Review #15! (On Nicholaus Copernicus’s work)

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the things we learned this week

To start out I will talk about Ptolemy, he was an ancient mathematician and scientist who coined the model that put the Earth at the Solar-system’s center, and put the Sun and all the planets circulating it. (which is not true)

Copernicus was a scientist that created the “Heliocentric view”, which is putting the Sun at the center of the Solar system, and had the Earth and other planets circulating it, He even wrote a book about it.

The result of Copernicus’s book and theory was a controversy at first.

Galileo, one of the people who believed the theory, was put under house arrest for believing the theory, eventually, during the scientific revolution made proof it was correct.

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Semester Report

What I learned throughout this literary semester.

I have learned a lot about literature and the types of genres books can be in. I learned that settings our one of the main factors to make a book a good one, a setting means that the area and time period that events of a book will take place, and would be the background for the action.

Pacing is the speed a book will go, the ones with good pacing will take it’s time explaining things while staying brisk and in the story.

Narration is the way a story in the book could be told, it could be told with no narration, and just have characters talking, it could have almost all narration, such as from the book “white fang”

During one set of lessons, I learned about book types, and a book type such as Novels ( a long story that describes fictional characters and the events they go through in a sequential order, and it is definitely the longest type. ) and Horrors (a standard-small sized story, that is meant to put thrills and chills into the reader. It does this by making the reader feel like they are in the story, and then have cryptic moments in the story.)

I learned multiple things about how to make creative fan-chapters of books, or fan versions of books, like “When the merry men ate fish for a day” and to have correct punctuation and keep inside the world and Setting of the original story, while creating something new and different!

I think this semester was fun, and I learned a lot of good things of this part of the school-year, as listed above, I suggest the RPC curriculum to anyone who for a good education.