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First Full Year Of Blogging!!!!

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Thanks everyone who views this for reading my blog and sticking along! Seen as I don’t want to really celebrate one year on WordPress, here’s a slice of cake.

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History Review #28

Writing Assignment: Choose one of the men from the Great Awakening and write a biography of his life: – Theodore Frelinghuysen
– Jonathan Edwards
– George Whitefield
– Cotton Mather

In 17th century North America, it was common to blame regular misfortunes to a supernatural source, and many believed the devil was upon and active on the Earth, so from 1560 to 1670, witchcraft persecutions became common as superstitions were associated with the devil.

Specifically in Salem witch trials and persecutions were very strong, and about 20 people were executed because of being tried for “witchcraft” in 1692 to 1693.

Now, before 1692 there had been rumors of a large amount of witches in Salem and the villages around it. Cotton Mather (picture below) a Boston minister, believed that all Witchcraft existed and should be eradicated. His groundwork is what is believed to be behind the violence of the Salem Witch Trials.

Cotton Mather was the son and Grandson of prominent Puritan ministers, born in 1663. He attended the Latin school in Boston, and graduated Harvard at 15. Mather wrote more than 450 books & pamphlets, and participated in the great awakening of the 17th century.

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Cotton Mather
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Poem Assignment

Assignment: For this week’s writing assignment, write an essay on the following assignment:
Write a poem, similar in style to those of Alfred Tennyson, about one of your personal heroes and his/her accomplishments.
Your assignment should be about one typed page in length

For Jim Henson with much respect.

Jim Henson’s ideas were a brimming of creativity.

His movies and shows are masterful.

Improving puppets further from primitivity.

Fraggle rock and Muppet show where brilliant.

Thank you to Jim Henson for making such wonderful puppets and movies.

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History Review #27

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing the development n some of the colony’s as described in today’s review lesson.

The 13 Colonies were a series of British settlements on the Atlantic coast of North America between 1607 and 1733. Each colony was self-governed by the people who lived in the colony. The colonies began with Virginia and ended with Georgia.

The very first colony was Virginia, which started by expanding the colony of Jamestown. (Jamestown was also Virginia’s capital until 1699 when it was changed to Williamsburg)

New Jersey was the Dutch’s controlled part of the new world in 1610. In 1664 during the second of Anglo-Dutch wars, the English captured Fort Amsterdam and took the Netherlands claims. This became the colony new Jersey, with England claiming prior right to the land because of John Cabot’s discovery of it.

Georgia, established 1732, was the last colony and the furthest one south. General James Ogrethope organized the clony for people in a lot of debt. Savanah was the first capital of Georgia and is where the last landing of settlers was.

So let it be known forever, that I am terrible at writing endings.

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Sir Gawain And Cecily’s Stolen Cane.

Write a one to two page essay on the following topic:
Write a story of one of the knights of the Round Table having an adventure. Be sure to write it in the style of the Middle Ages, using era appropriate words and ideas.

Sir Gawain was taking an afternoon stroll in the countryside one day, enjoying the Summer breeze and birds singing from the nearby trees, when a young man with a shovel approached him. “Sir Gawain! sir Gawain! could you spare any time helping us find an object we have lost? it is of great importance!” said Cecily, the leader of the bunch. “What troubles you my good sir?” said Gawain, wondering of how much importance was the lost item. “I have lost my grandfather’s favorite cane!” Cecily lamented, “and why would you need the assistance of a knight for this? do you even know how you lost it, and an idea where it could be?” Gawain asked. “Well, actually some ruffians happened to have made away with it, and I am too scared to go and to retake it.” said Cecily.

“Then I shall help you in this quest to take back the cane and teach those thieves a lesson!, where are they, by chance?” Asked the now brave faced Gawain. “To the West, quite close to town actually” said Cecily. Gawain and Cecily preceded on to a small cave entrance near a small sign that read-NO TRESPASSING, TRESPASSERS WILL BE BEATEN. “This is why I said I could not go to take it back grandfather!” Cecily exclaimed. “Well, I think I will be able to help you now” Gawain comforted, “Hello?! Is anyone in there?! If you have stolen a cane from this fellow, I would enjoy for you to step outside and return the object, for I am sir Gawain, and I am not afraid to use my sword in a chivalrous duel for it!”

Out of the darkness a large burly man trudged out of the dark cave, holding both the cane that belonged to Cecily’s grandfather, it’s top being made of a shiny gold goose, and a long-sword in his other hand, with it’s tip shining and incredibly sharp. “What say it a duel? Did you want this sir Gawain, if you win then you can have the cane back.” Said the burly man, in a deep and growly voice, “and which one is the knight? because neither of you seem like one!” he said in a jokingly manner. “I will battle you!” said Gawain, drawing his sword and a stern expression. “And we have no time for jokes!” said Cecily. “Alright, then have at ye!” said the burley man dropping the cane and swinging his sword at Gawain.

In the few minutes, Cecily would be viewing the quickest fight he had ever seen, with Gawain almost throwing his sword around, and after just a few seconds, the burley man was unarmed, his sword flying towards the ground a next few feet to the ground. “Augh! I’m sorry for the trouble about the cane! h-here take it, I promise you I won’t from that village again! y-your lucky my friends are not here, o-otherwise, y-you wouldn’t have won!” he picked up his sword and ran off towards the hills.

“I don’t think you’ll have to deal with them again Cecily, and if there is a next time, don’t get into that kind trouble” said Gawain turning around and smiling, “thank you sir Gawain, I don’t know how to repay you, but if you wanted, you can have this sir” Cecil said as he handed Gawain a bag of sweet biscuits. “Oh this is quite tasty!” Gawain said after he bit into one, “I was feeling rather peckish too, and I will savor this!” and then Cecily and sir Gawain parted ways, one feeling relived, and the other one feeling filled

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History Review #26

Write a one to two page summary of the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings and how it influenced the monarchy in England under James I, Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell.

The history of Christianity and Middle Ages is all about the relationships of culture, the king had his responsibilities and the people were to be loyal to the king, the divine right of kings was a philosophy that taught the king was divinely appointed and was answerable only to God. Henry VIII was the first to teach this philosophy, and later kings followed and built on it to get more power, but accidentally inciting rebellion from the peoples.

King James (VII of Scotland, I of England and Ireland) was the first king to rule all 3 kingdoms, when king James came to power he decided to advance the Episcopal church as the state religion. James backed the idea that every man should be able to read the Bible, and so the version of the Bible known as the King James Version was made and still is read today.

King Charles I succeeded his father James as the king of Scotland, England, and Ireland, Charles supported the Anglican church and appointed William Laud as archbishop of Canterbury. Charles disagreed with the parliament (because of “The Divine Right Of Kings remember) which eventually led to a civil war and his execution.

When Charles became king, he did not have the an understanding of the Scottish life, he tried to enforce the Laudian Prayer Book and Episcopal liturgy on the kirks of Scotland. The people began to rebel because of how to were being pushed around, and signed a covenant to fight against the crown’s oppressions.

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Monthly Meme Time!

Here is some meme’s for this month (I had secretly decided to make it a monthly schedule last month on the 14th, so that you look for the next one)

Who let the dogs out? WHO, WHO ,WHO, WHO | The world Health Organization has declared that dogs are immune to Covid-19 All dogs currently in quarantine can be released In summary, WHO | image tagged in cnn breaking news template,dogs,corona virus,covid-19 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Ah, yes, POTATO | image tagged in it's all complicated words and numbers that make no sense,potato,i am a potato,so much books,history | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No more prosperity! | image tagged in wow,success,demotivationals | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
We did it we time traveled | (cough) 2020 GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HAVE CORONA | image tagged in we did it we time traveled,memes,time travel,2020,coronavirus,corona virus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

That’s the end!, if you liked the post, then don’t forget to upvote! (please & thankyou)

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History Review #24

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page on the following:- Peace of Augsburg
– William of Orange
– Cardinal Richelieu
– Louis XIV

William of Orange (or William the Silent) was prince of Orange (nowadays known as France) in the 16th century, he was a leader of the Dutch rebellion against the Catholic Spanish, and his actions eventually led to the 80 year’s war and the Dutch freedom.

The 80 Year’s War

William was a prominent and popular politician, so he was able to gather masses of the Dutch to take on the Spanish.

The war that is known as the 80 year’s war began on the year 1568 and lasted until 1648 (hence the name) and the end result was the Dutch gaining freedom from the Spanish crown.

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The Small Joy’s Tag

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  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • List fifteen of your small joys.
  • Tag five blogger friends who bring you joy.

https://fernsblog80597915.wordpress.com/ (That’s My Nominator, Fernembrey)

15 Small Joys

1. Getting chores done.

2.Seeing a good meme.

3.Making a friend laugh

4.Buying donuts

5.Cooking spaghetti

6.Listening to Jazz

7. Playing Pieano

8. Biking

9. Watching you sleep (Does this count)

10. Catching a shiny Pokémon

11. Seeing cool clouds

12. Getting a good night’s sleep.

13. Playing tag with my siblings

14. Writing blog posts

15.Looking at the cool crabs (reference at the bottom)

My Nominees (only 3 this time)

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82705567, aka Cmatt13

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/100732649, aka The Dreamer

https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/59701333, aka the Inspired Page

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a kool crab

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Science Essay (On Sharp Stuff)

Assignment: Write a short blog post on selecting sharp stuff for trekking and camping.

In this blog post I will explain what type of Knife/Axe you would need for a camping trip or nature trek in the wild. (there will be pictures of the type you would want at the bottom of the post)

KNIFES: The best knife for a camping trip is a 4-6 long bladed knife with a graspable handle*, your knife must be at least 4 inches long, or it would be useless, but if it 6-inches for higher, you could bring with a knife that was really a short sword. (ALSO, do not select a fancy looking knife**, because those are made for collector and are often pretty useless)

AXES: There are 3 main sizes of axes, a large two-handed size***, that you would use for chopping down large trees. Medium**** sized axes that are good for normal sized trees, and the size you would cut up fire wood with. (note: any number of hands is able to use a medium) And small*****, which is one-handed if your hands aren’t small, but only useful for small purposes that your knife can’t help with. Medium in my opinion is the best, because it is easy to carry around, but quite powerful.

See the source image
*4-6 inch long, gripable handle that you would you would want.
Acemas Fire Dragon Fantasy Dagger
**blade is to fancy to use, and the handle is part of the blade near the bottom of itself
**** large two handed, very tiering to carry along with you on your trek/camping trip!
Image result for medium sized axes
***** medium sized axe, very carriable, very strong
Image result for small sized axes
***** a small (and unsuspecting) axe, up to it’s much larger predator, the medium sized axe
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History Review #23

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on the development of one of the colonies studied this week: – Jamestown and the first settlers
– Plymouth Colony and the pilgrims
– The Providence Colony

When queen Elizabeth 1 of England died, she left no heir, and king James 1 to take rule, and changed and changed many thins about how to worship the Christian way in England, one such group people did not agree with the liturgical changes, that is, the pilgrims, had enough with the constant change and fled Leiden, Holland. However most of the pilgrims were farmers, so making a living in Holland was quite tough, so they decided to try and move to America.

The Mayflower was the ship that would take them there. The Mayflower was captained by Christopher Jones, and chartered to take the pilgrims to America in 1620, the passengers landed 3 months after setting sail in November, and the ship anchored were modern day Cape Cod is.

Before the pilgrims stepped off the boat, they wrote The Mayflower Compact, which was a social compact written by the leaders of the pilgrims.

The Colony held multiple similarities to Jamestown, with the first few years holding no gain, and much loss, but by 1623, they were in good shape, the colony was governed by William Bradford, whose book The Plymouth Plantation was a complete history of the colony.

The Plymouth Colony was eventually absorbed by the Massachusetts colony that soon appeared nearby.

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History Review #21

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing the story of one of the following: – Elizabeth I
– Sir Frances Drake
– The Anglo-Spanish War
– Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the most interesting and noteworthy men of the Elizabethan era, he was a writer, spy, soldier, politician, an explorer, and made Tobacco popular in England.

Raleigh was born during the age that queen “Bloody” Mary 1’s reign, and his family was an extreme protestant family, and so it was a dangerous time for him. Having to hide from Mary’s soldiers caused a deep hatred for Catholisim, and he strongly suppoerted Protestisim during his time as a politician.

He did many things during his time as a politician, such as being knighted and appointed as warden for some mines in England, he was in Parliament for 2 years, and queen Elizabeth gave him many gifts. However he also married the queen’s lady in waiting, and Elizabeth had him imprisoned for a short time. He did get back in her favor and have his high status returned to him

But that part of his life, and his first few jobs were not what Raleigh is remebered for, because he is most known for starting the first ever American colony, known as the lost colony of Roanoke.

During his exploring days, Raleigh had explored along the Eastern coast of America, from Florida to Virginia (he even named some of it, such as “Virginia” after the “virgin queen” Elizabeth) but in 1587, he decided to start a colony on Roanoke island and organized a group of people to go and live on it with him. But when he went to get supplies from England one year, he had came back to find his entire colony gone, with the only traces being the words CROATION on tree trunks. No one has ever understood was happened to the Roanoke colony.

After the death of queen Elizabeth, king James 1 came to rule, and he susspected that Raleigh would commit treachery against him, (even though there was no good evidence) but the court found him guilty, he did not get a death sentence, but he lived in the tower of London until 1616. (the day he died)

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Literature Essay

Assignment: Choose two or three books from this year’s reading and analyze the worldview of the author. Identify the worldview, and explain how it is demonstrated in the book.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court is the first book I will talk about, and written by Mark Twain as a bit of a humor book. It follows the story of a Yankee from 1857 some how ending up in the time of King Arthur, and how he turns the lands into the a technologically advanced kingdom. (at least for the middle ages)

Mark Twain’s worldview was Cristian Theism, as seen in MANY of his books, this one book in particular shows off it, as multiple times the main character makes fun of the old ways of worship the church has compared to the modern-day worship. Mark Twain seemed to be an anarchist (at least in my views, based off this book) as Clarence (the main character) keeps trying to put Arthur off his throne and does not want to be part of the higher-ups of the kingdom.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth was a book written by Jules Verne, it was a science-fiction book about a scientist, his nephew, and their guide, going through a massive cave system of wonders.

Jules Verne was a Catholic, but he was all over the place with his worldviews as written in books, and this book in particular takes a very Atheist/Evolutionism world view, as none of the character appear to be religious, plus the professor says there is no time for anything outside of the discovery of the center of the Earth (where’s God?) and one of the chapters has the characters run into a skeleton of what seems to be an “early man”, which is clearly stating the evolutionist theme.

Little Men is the last book I will talk about, written by Louisa May Alcott. It follows the story of young boys growing up through tough times and fun, and how they become men.

Louisa May Alcott’s world view was a Cristian Theism view (like Mark Twain) and it is easy to see with multiple times the children mention Christian religious topics in a good way, and near the end of one of the last chapters they pray for one of the boys uncle.

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The Liebster Award

Thanks to Reagan, who nominated me, the blog is here: https://raegansfullmind.wordpress.com/


  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
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  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) gave you
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11 Facts About Me:

I have stolen ketchups from Chick-fil-a

My family and I own a fish(s)

I like pineapple pizza

I am cutting the facts down to 8

I have watched and read the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

I’m an epic gamer

I can tell you LXX is 70 because I know Roman numerals

I am getting close to writing my 100th blog post (one to go!)

Questions for Digory (by Reagan) (:

  1. Do you like to put on lotion? I can’t remember, probably means no
  2. Who is your favorite President? JFK
  3. When do you have to move out of you parents house(like what age)? IDK yet
  4. Do you like school? H**K YES!!!
  5. Do you think essential oils work? I have used them to know they work
  6. Do you have a pet dog? We were going to, but then we realized we weren’t ready for it. (btw its name was Bogart and it was a cute Swedish Wolfhound+Dashcund breed)
  7. What is your favorite type of music? Not Rap music, maybe Orchestraic
  8. What was the first blog you ever followed? Cozy Oubliette, I think Cozy was the one to make me want to start a blog, so credits to the blog here: https://cozyoubliette.wordpress.com/2020/02/07/biology-lesson-110-chordates/
  9. What kind of pet do you like? A cat, if I weren’t allergic, a dog, if my brother wasn’t scared of them, a hamster or fish probably
  10. Who is your fav celebrity. I really don’t know, probably Jeff Goldblum
  11. Are you home schooled? Why am I writing essays? yes.





My questions |:

1.Bamboo or Bonsai’s?

2.Do you like licking stamps

3.Up or Down

4.Is Rap overrated?

5.Can you touch your nose to your tongue?

Image result for baby yoda or baby nut

6.Baby yoda or baby nut?

7.Fortnite, yay or nay?

8.Are you allergic to anything?

9.If you were allergic to anything, does it get triggered often?

10. Were the questions good?

11. Are you having a good 2020?

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History Review #21

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page essay on the following: Give a summary of the reigns of one of the following monarchs:- Henry VIII
– Edward VI
– Lady Jane Grey
– Queen Mary (“Bloody Mary”)
– John Knox
– Mary, Queen of Scots

Edward VI, was born in 1537 to King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. When he was age nine, his father died, leaving him with the responsibilities of the king. He died of tuberculosis at age 18, having never been married.

Edward’s reign as king was full of problems since the beginning, ascending the throne while still a kid presented a backdrop for factional in fighting and power plays, Henry VIII, in his last few days alive, tried to get rid of this problem setting up council to govern until the child came of age, but Edward Seymour (Edward VI’s uncle) used this to get his hand into being a sort-of king for the time being. The Council offered Seymour the Protectorship of the realm and the Dukedom of Somerset; he genuinely cared for both the boy and the realm, but used the Protectorship, as well as Edward’s religious radicalism, to further his Protestant interests.

When he came of age to rule, an economic hardship had taken over England,and foreign regions were unorganized to be of any economical assistance, unemployment soared, enclosure of monastic lands deprived many peasants of their food. The coinage lost value as new coins were minted from inferior metals, as specie from the New World flooded English markets. A French/Scottish alliance caused England to try and take back Scotland, (this was eventually accomplished)

Edward was a highly intellectual and pious lad who fell prey to the plots of his powerful Council of Regency. His frailty led to an early death. Had he lived into manhood, he potentially could have become one of England’s greatest kings. Jane Austen wrote, “This Man was on the whole of a very amiable character…”, to which Beckett added, ” as docile as a lamb, if indeed his gentleness did not amount to absolute sheepishness.”

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History Review #20

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on this week’s history:This week use your notes and the summary lesson about the Reformation to write your own summary on a part of the movement.Include names, dates, and important documents to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

The French Huguenots :

Like many reformers of their day, the French Huguenots believed the French Catholic church needed a change, they were not popular with the Catholics, who where often at high positions. Persecution arose and the Huguenots found themselves running for their lives.

The French Huguenot War:

Through persecution however, the Hugenots could manage to increase their numbers and eventually start a civil war against France’s Catholic church. (there were eight civil wars, between 1562 and 1589) In the Fall of 1578 the St Bartholomew’s day massacre of killed thousands of Huguenots in Paris. The edict of Nantes was issued by Henry IV to help end the war, it stated that Catholisim was the state religion of France, but that Huguenots were free to worship they want. The edict protectd the Hugeunots until it was throuwn out by Louis XVI


The Hugeunots who lived under king Luis XVI decided to flee this new wave of of persceution , eventually though, the Edict of Fointanblu, in 1685, made Protetinism illegal, many of the remaining Hugeunots fled and moved to Switzeland, England, or North America.

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The Liebster Award

Thank You Mia for nominating me for the Liebster award


  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog. Write a small post about what motivates you in life (not just in blogging)
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  3. Create 5 creative and unique questions for your nominees. The more creative and unique could mean you win the prize at the end of the year!!
  4. List these rules in your post 
  5. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated


  1. I beat hard games,
  2. I like to take names,
  3. I think cigars are lame.


1. Have you been to Florida? yeah, its a cool place

2. What is you favorite breakfast? Rice pudding with earl grey tea.

3. Have you ever burnt yourself? yeah, it seems like we all do.

4. What do you think of Billie Eilish? Made me some good memes, but also made me feel like OOFing.

5. What do you think of the term Chicken Legs? They make MY chicken ~TenDeR~

6. Do you like History and English? YES!!

7. Are you happy now? Yes

8. Are you possessed by an evil spirit? Maybe

9. Do you like Halloween? If I celebrated it, maybe.

10. Do you believe in paranormal stuff? Nah, although I joke about them occasionally

Person who have been nominated:



My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite blog award type? (mystery, real neat, liebster, Andromeda award etc.)
  2. Anchovy or Pineapple pizza?
  3. What’s your favorite comic strip (like in the newspapers)
  4. Do you use fidget spinners
  5. Do you draw?
  6. are you a VSCO girl/Eboy
  7. Have you ever trampolined
  8. what is your 8th favorite food
  9. Whats the most expensive THING (object, only one) you have ever purchased?
  10. Do u have a pet?
  11. What is your favorite theme park attraction (if you have been to one)

And that is it. Don’t forget to lightly touch that like and follow button (but not too hard, I would feel bad if someone were to break those buttons)

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OK, I could have posted this earlier, but I had been paying attention to the latest numbers of followers, but still, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOLLOWING MY BLOG!!!!!! I could not this without all of you!

Here is a list of the last 15 followers of my blog!!! (but thank you to everyone before that!)
















Thanks to everyone (yes, even if you aren’t following my blog) And have a great week!

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History Review #18

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page description of the life of the following Reformer: Ulrich Zwingli

Ulrich Zwingli was a 16th century reformer of the church in Switzerland, like many reformers, Zwingli did not agree with what the pope saw himself as, and saw that only the scripture should have high authority over man. However Zwingli’s views were very different compared to a lot of other Reformers in the world.

Zwingli was born in the year of 1484, and was the son of a peasant, he was sent to school and was entrhalled by music and classic books. He almost became a monk but instead decided on going to the university of Vienna.

In 1506, Zwingli became a priest and pastored as a work in Glarus, he studied Greek and Hebrew, and communicated with Erasmus, and he worked at the chapel for the Swiss army.

Zwingli became a reformer in 1523 when he published his 67 Artikel, a list of dissagremments with the Catholic Church, and the Zurich Council backed his publishment. (his paper was more of a represented theology of life that reforms the church.) Zwingli’s reforms were a radical change to what church had of to that day, he based his reforms based entirely off of scripture.

He also worked on his own language bible, because their were no switzerland bibles for common folk.

Eventually a mob of Catholists had found his location and eventually had him killed.

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The Liebster Award

Thank you to Andromeda who has a pretty cool & good blog, and give that blog credit.

Ok, Question time!!!!

  1. What is your favorite band? Dr teeth and the electric mayhem.
  2. If you could bring one person back to life, who would it be? myself on the in inside.
  3. Where do you spend most of your time? (besides your house) I spend a lot of time at parks.
  4. If you had to become a teacher, what subject and grade would you teach? The History (of nation or of memes) to 7th graders
  5. What is your favorite summertime activity? Swimming and sun-baking memes.
  6. Would you rather make the world’s thinnest twine or the world’s thickest rope? thinnest twine.
  7. What is the worst thing you have ever seen? Someone explode into itty-bitty pieces.
  8. What is one item you would remove from existence? Campbell’s soup
  9. What is one animal you would remove from existence? mosquitoes
  10. What is your least favorite sport? baseball (time for hate mail I guess) reason why: its so slow, I could say that about golf and fishing, except with fishing you almost always get dinner if your mildly successful, and golf courses are FuNKy.



Colton (?)


Green Mountain Girl




  • What animal would you like to become for 1-2 hour(s)?
Image result for archen plush
  • This is arg, would you have him as a pet?
  • Would you agree with what I answered with on question 8?
  • do you have a favorite video game? if not, would you name one that you may have played?
  • do you have allergies?
  • When was the longest time you were sick? and what were you sick with?
  • do you keep a journal?
  • what is your favorite post I have posted on my blog?
  • what is your favorite blog post that you posted on your blog?
  • what’s your favorite letter of the alphabet? (any language)

Thats it. check out the blog links or I will fill your house with these bois

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Surreal Memes Section Dos.

Join the tren of surreal memes is quite accomplished. Watch and be full of joy for these memes bending normality.

Related image
Image result for surreal memes
Image result for surreal memes

Image result for meme man
Image result for surreal fruit memes

Hmmm yes. Good memes deserve like 😉😉😉 if they must

Good bye fellows, this is the end of a post.

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Literature Review On The Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story involves a German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the center of the Earth. I will analyze the different places he and his expedition go through, and check how some of them contrast.

The story starts with the mentioned professor and his nephew Axle (Axle is young man who is content living at the in because he is both timid and his love interest lives near him) living in at an inn, having an argument about whether or not a piece of Icelandic writing was proof that there was a way to the center of the Earth.

The Uncle was right about his idea, when he goes to their library and manages to translate that tome of Icelandic talks about a passage into the volcano kneels.

In the next set of chapters, they get a guide and supplies for the journey to the mount kneels, and in this part, what almost (outside of the uncle) is thinking that they should be back home, as this area is described as rough and dangerous, and the thoughts of the nephew (which is the person we see the most thoughts from) are stressed and a little scared, as he never been mountain climbing, but, the Uncle was right as they find spot to drill a hole on the inside of volcano, that eventually leads to one giant cavern.

The next 5 chapters is spent in a GIGANTIC cavern full of tree-like mushrooms and lit-up by a weird electronic gas, as the supply of food starts to dwindle, the nephew starts another argument with the professor as the are going through the gigantic cave, and as the guide finds an entrance into an even larger ocean, which stops their argument.

In one of the last few chapters, they get a raft built out of said mushrooms and sail on what Otto named the Lidenbrock ocean, and they see an Ichthyosaurus fight a Plesiosaurus and win, after that battle they land at an island with a large geyser in middle and name it Axle island, and find a wall, they think will take to them to the center of the Earth, and plan to destroy it with gun cotton, and sail out to sea to avoid the blast.

Their plan works for the most part, up until where they find out that the wall would lead an absolute GINORMOUS geyser, and that all the water was falling into to it, as they were carried away by the sea to it, the geyser started lifting them up and out of the underground until they found themselves ejected out of a side vent of a stratovolcano on the island on the island Stromboli ( a southern volcanic island off of Italy) and make their way home, the guide would go back to Iceland, Otto would be considered one of the greatest scientists, and the nephew would get married.

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History Review #16

Write a one to two page biographical summary of the life of John Cabot

Born in 1450, Cabot was the son of a merchant. As a boy he learned much about sailing and navigating, he was married at age 24.

Cabot became a citizen of Venice in 1476, and moved to England in 1488. He was intrigued by the sudden riches and exciting voyages of sailing, and so Cabot wanted to go exploring on the sea.

The first crew he sailed out with was 18 men and a ship named the Mathew. 50 days after setting sail, they landed in North America, but, Cabot believed he had landed in Asia, like Columbus and other explorers.

After returning to England, Cabot made another expedition, the journey consisted of 5 ships and 300 men, but oddly enough, the explorers never returned. Including John Cabot, who supposedly died at age 39.

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History Review #16 (On Prince Henry The Navigator)

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page on the following people we learned about this week:

Prince Henry was the Prince of Portugal, born to King John 1 in 1394.

His life was pretty uneventful, except, at 21, he and father and brothers were captured by pirates in a port in Morocco, they were able to return to Portugal, but it was then that Henry decided he wanted to end all pirate attacks on West Africa.

Now, it owould seem strange, but this man had such a large passion for exploring, but, he actually never went on ANY of his explorations, instead, he would only fund them, 50 of them to be exact.

Henry’s captains had found a good many discoveries and founded a few colonies in Africa, he died in 1460.

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Book Report On The Lion Of The North.

For this book report, I will summarize Malcolm’s character growth. (“The Lion Of The North” is a novel written by G.A Henty, about the 30 year’s war, and a soldier in the war named Malcolm)

The story starts out with a seeing Malcolm, a mellow, smugly virtuous young 16-year-old boy, living in the country of Hungary. However, one day the 30 year’s war starts and his life gets changed quickly as he is drafted into the war, to fight alongside the currently famous Gustavus Adolphus.

In the first few chapters personality barely changes, outside of the carelessness he shows, working in the army and with Gustavus, and so, he proceeds to survive to through the first few years of battle.

In one chapter, Malcolm is captured by some peasants during an offensive military strike on a German town, he learns about what the peasants of a foreign country’s life is like, and after learning how to escape is sort-of prison, he makes away back to the army.

This process of thought he has after those events is still the same way, and at this point until very late in the book there is pretty much just battle strategys being rolled by G.A.henty and pretty much just the 30 year’s war.

But one chapter Malcolm hears (and later sees) that Gustavus had died, this leaves Malcolm with a bit of a depression throughout the chapter.

On the final 3 chapters, the war had just and Malcolm had been given the option to go home, on the first chapter of the war’s end, he is filled with a bit of discomfort because he killed some people, and that he felt guilty, but decided to go home, and on the last chapters, he celebrates the war’s end.

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Surreal Memes

Hmm yes, it has been too long since the last pleasurable compilation has come into this dimension. These memes are so un-understandable they should stop this page from growing mold.

Image result for the cheese wheel is coming surreal
Image result for surreal; memes
Image result for surreal; memes
Image result for surreal garfield memes

Oh no, Garfield, WHat has hE DoNE?-

Use links below to save image.
Image result for surreal memes that shred the fabric of reality
Image result for surreal memes that shred the fabric of reality


The singularity of this memes is too much. It must now be eviicted.


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History Review #15! (On Nicholaus Copernicus’s work)

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on one of the things we learned this week

To start out I will talk about Ptolemy, he was an ancient mathematician and scientist who coined the model that put the Earth at the Solar-system’s center, and put the Sun and all the planets circulating it. (which is not true)

Copernicus was a scientist that created the “Heliocentric view”, which is putting the Sun at the center of the Solar system, and had the Earth and other planets circulating it, He even wrote a book about it.

The result of Copernicus’s book and theory was a controversy at first.

Galileo, one of the people who believed the theory, was put under house arrest for believing the theory, eventually, during the scientific revolution made proof it was correct.

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Semester Report

What I learned throughout this literary semester.

I have learned a lot about literature and the types of genres books can be in. I learned that settings our one of the main factors to make a book a good one, a setting means that the area and time period that events of a book will take place, and would be the background for the action.

Pacing is the speed a book will go, the ones with good pacing will take it’s time explaining things while staying brisk and in the story.

Narration is the way a story in the book could be told, it could be told with no narration, and just have characters talking, it could have almost all narration, such as from the book “white fang”

During one set of lessons, I learned about book types, and a book type such as Novels ( a long story that describes fictional characters and the events they go through in a sequential order, and it is definitely the longest type. ) and Horrors (a standard-small sized story, that is meant to put thrills and chills into the reader. It does this by making the reader feel like they are in the story, and then have cryptic moments in the story.)

I learned multiple things about how to make creative fan-chapters of books, or fan versions of books, like “When the merry men ate fish for a day” and to have correct punctuation and keep inside the world and Setting of the original story, while creating something new and different!

I think this semester was fun, and I learned a lot of good things of this part of the school-year, as listed above, I suggest the RPC curriculum to anyone who for a good education.

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Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition! (History Review #15)

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing one of the lessons from this week: – The Inquisition

Beginning in the 12th century, the Roman Catholic church attempted to find and get all the heretics out of their church, it was a sort of cleansing event, and it was done by the church, is that they would organize some priests into groups and punish those who they found ‘unclean’ this group was called the inquisition.

Before the inquisition, the church had simply taught against other religious practices, but then the church would add torture and other mean of punishments when catching a heathen, and they did not to correct individuals, but to scare crowds into sticking with the way the Roman Catholic worked.

It was 1484 when extra measures were taken and the Spanish inquisition was created to find and eliminate “witches” and “wizards”, people were blaming “witches” and “wizards”: for bad weather and poor crops, and the church persecuted the actually innocent people.

The Spanish inquisition was subject of the crown and not the church, it targeted not only withes, heathens, and wizards, but also Muslims and Jews, and some Jews even fled to Portugal, and they thought they were safe, but the Portuguese inquisition got them. The Catholic church itself had created some heretical philosophies, and this led to people attempting to reform the church back to its origin, but this led to them, too, being punished, despite them being correct, they were persecuted until the end of the century.

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The So Important Beans & Sprouts

Review your notes and the articles you were assigned this week. Write an 100-200 word essay summarizing your observations.

Beans and sprouts are very healthy for the human body, full of rich nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins.

The anatomy bean or seed is first a seed-coat (or the thing you see on the outside) and the embryo with hypocotyl or the part of the stem of an embryo plant, the radicle and cotyledons.

Beans (and sprouts) have lots of Protein and Amino Acids help fight off viruses and keep you healthy because they are necessary for building your cells.

Beans and sprouts contain enzymes which are cell catalysts, enable chemical reactions in you,aid digestion and nutrient absorption, and remove toxic waste in your body.

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Creative Essay On Sherlock Holmes “The Red Headed League” (it IS a real chapter)

Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on the following topic.
Topic: Choose any one of the four mystery stories you read this week and pretend you were writing a news report on how Holmes solved the crime. You can write the paper as an interview or as an essay, but the goal should be to outline the case and then show how Sherlock identified the clues in the case and drew his deductions.

The detective Holmes solves one again!

This mystery begins when a Jabez Wilson, a London pawnbroker had recently joined a club called “the red headed league” after responding to an ad in the newspaper.

His responsibility in the league was to copy the Encyclopedia Britannica, Wilson makes it through the ‘A’ section but then the league was shut down. We asked Holmes and he said he was at once suspicious at the founding and dissolving of this league and thanked Wilson for his bringing of the case.

Apparently a famous bank robber had robbed the pawn Wilson owned while he was copying the Britannica and made a tunnel all the way to the vault room, and the red headed league was formed and dissolved to keep Wilson from his shop.

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The Real Neat Blog Award! (Thanks To Beck407)


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 10 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate four bloggers who deserve the award
  • Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answer
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated

S o, first off, thank you  beck for nominating me!

So here are the totally hip-n-happening nominees! Andromeda Cmatt TheDreamer

Here are the questions:

  1. Alt code or character map? Redacted
  2. What’s your favorite book, besides the Bible? Aru Shah and the end of time (but still hard to beat the bible)
  3. Windows or Mac? Windows
  4. Hamburgers or hotdogs? Hamburgers
  5. Is your area very boiling or frigid, or just average? boiling in summer, okay in winter
  6. How old are you, in days? 4380 days old
  7. What is your favorite verse of the Bible, if any? the book of mark (those ones are good)
  8. What is the least valuable thing you own? (xD) water
  9. Chevrolet or Ford? Ford
  10. Checkers or chess? Chess

Nominees Questions:

  • Have you ever seen the insides to an arcade cabinet?
  • How much money have you made in one day?
  • What is your favorite type of sushi roll?
  • Name your favorite video game!
  • Do you do any type of sport?
  • Can you whistle?
  • Do you know what regional dialect calling hamburgers steamed hams is? (I’ll comment the answer on your award)
  • What is the name of your favorite song!
  • Do you own a phone?
  • Have you ever gone to the tropics?

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History Review #14 On The Hundred Year’s War

Writing Assignment: Write a two to three page paper on the following topic: Summarize the history of the Hundred Years’ War. This should include important dates and the names of places or people who played important parts in the War.

The war’s starting point was 1066, William the conqueror (who was the duke of Normandy) took control of England, and during that time up until the 1300’s England and France were disagreeing between who was the rightful king of France. (they quarreled because king Edward of England had the title duke of Normandy, so he was a vassal to France)

It was the year 1337 when king Edward III refused to give a feudal homage to king Philip VI of France, Edward even claimed he should be the ruler of France, not Philip.

The Edwardian Era (1337-1360)

Before the war heavy cavalry was favored in battle, but Edward ordered all his soldiers to fight on foot and only use horses for transportation, and a lighter cavalry was invented called Hobelars, where they would use horses only to get to battles and fight on foot.

In 1346, Edward led an invasion across the English channel to captured the city of Cain in one day (and succeeded) In the battle of Crecy Philip led out an attack to send the English back, but it did not work, and it would lead to a follow-up attack of the battle Calais, where the English army seized Calais, which was a major victory as king Edward could rest his troops in France, thus keeping their power in France for a potential victory.

The first peace of the war was the treaty of bretiny and this peace lasted from 1360-1369 and during this time king John II kept England from attacking France, as he died 1364 and Charles V succeeded him.

The Caroline Era (1369-1428)

Edward III and his son , Edward the black prince, were both in bad health at the time, when the English once again took to the field of battle, they only held the city of Calais, so even though the country’s were at war, England held off of most of their resistance during this period.

The battle of Agincourt was in a small muddy field dividing two woods, and size gave advantage to England, who’s army was smaller and weaker, and while the heavier armed French were weighed down by mud, the lighter soldiers and archers of the English army could gain the upper hand, the battle ended with 400 English killed, and 6,000 French, King Henry took back much of their territory in this battle.

The Lancastrian Era (1415-1453)

By now you have read that the French are just getting pushed around by England in all the battles, but the French’s luck would turn in this era. Joan of Ark was born in 1412, and at the age of 12 she claimed she could hear the voices of saints, and at the start they talked about personal things, but one day three saints in her head told her to help the king reclaim France. At 16 she tryed to get an audience with the king, she was ridiculed, and she tryed 3 times and on the 3rd time she managed to get and audience, the knig tested her for her orthodoxy, and when she succeeded his test, he made her a leader of the French military. She then led the French to a military victory to Reims for king Charles VII to be coronated, and France’s total victory. She stood by, weeping, saying the will of god had been accomplished.

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The Four Key Vegetables

Write an essay about what the healthiest 4 key vegetables and why?

Studies have shown that Kale is very important as a vegetable; helps prevent and fight cancer while improving blood circulation and it improves the respiratory system! It contains lots calcium (that’s good for your bones) in-doles that repair your DNA, and has the minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc, folate, and iron!

Broccoli has more protein (twice as much) than meat, contains many vitamins and minerals, and is a very strong cancer protector.

Carrots are an obvious all-star when it comes to vegetables- they’re good for your eyes, taste great, and are easily juiced. Dark leafy greens are also very important, they contains lots of minerals and chlorophyll, the darker the leaves, the better.

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Why Water Is Important

Write 150-200 words about water or why it is important in exercise

Water is a type of liquid that’s benefits to your body are numerous, in fact, if you drank soda and ate junk-food but still drank the proper amount of water you need a day, you would probably feel a lot better. Even with that, it is often marginalized and taken for granted.

Most people do not drink enough water, as every day will usually go through each day dehydrated, drinking only when we are getting EXTREMELY thirsty. There are also large consequences to drinking that much, and because your body is mostly water, it can take a toll to your body, such as your brain not being able to think as well, like slower memory and reflexes (because it too is mostly water) to get rid of the symptoms is simple though, drink more water!

So keep track of what your drinking, how much of it, and if it is the right amount you need per day, and you’ll be fine if you keep it at the right amount.

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History Review #13

Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page paper summarizing one of the lessons from this week:
Choose either Petrarch or Wycliffe and write a summary of his life and how his actions led to the important events after him.

An Italian poet by the name of Petrarch was laying the groundwork to the renaissance, his style and adventurous nature did not fit his culture around him

Petrarch was born in 1304, and he learned how to read and write, unlike many other people in his time. He was also the very first tourist in the world; as he traveled around all of Europe just for thrills and the enjoyment of travel. And in 1336 at the age of 30, he climbed the mountain mount Ventoux just for fun (a feat no other person had done before)

Petrarch was the 1st person to call the middle ages “the dark ages” because he brought a period of enlightenment and thought to the cultures of Europe that he considered an “enlightened age” and this time he called the “Renaissance” or “rebirth”

This man knew that he was a conventional, forward thinking man, but could not imagine how much his thinking would influence the next generations.

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Literature Review Of Genres

Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on the following topic: Define genre. Explain what a genre is, and list some genres.

A genre is a category to put a topic of a book in, so that book could make more sense, such as fictional books fitting aliens in because it is a science fiction.

Comedies can come in many forms, but they are always made to be humorous to the reader; they can be written with jokes, juxtapositions, and any other type of funny literature. A Satire is like a comedy with vices, follies, and shortcomings are kept to ridicule anything from one person, to sometimes society itself!

An Allegory is a literature form in which characters and events in a visual, musical, or literary art form represent a ideas and concepts, and they often use fiction to represent something none fiction.

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The Truth About Sugar

Assignment: Write a 200 word essay on something you learned this week.

Well what is sugar anyway?

Sugar is a class of molecules called “Carbohydrates” and it is found a large variety of both food and drinks. It goes under the name of Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, Maltose, Lactose, Dextrose, and Starch. It can be and is found in Tomato sauce, Dried Fruit, Yogurt, and Flavored water or Granola bars; because sugar is everywhere, it is important to figure out what sugar does.

What does sugar do to your brain? And will eating just a little sugar make you crave more?

Lets say you take a bite of a granola bar, the sugar in it activates your taste-buds on the tip of your tongue to detect sweetness, those receptors on it would send signals to your brain stem, from there it forks off into many parts of the fore-brain; one of which is called the ‘cerebral cortex’ it’s different sections would handle different tastes. Because your sweet taste buds were sending the signal, your cerebral cortex is starting a reward system across your brain through a complicated network to ask a question: “should I do that again?” and when you taste a delicious vanilla cupcake, your brain will say something like “mmm yes!”

The way the reward system functions is through a chemical called ‘dopamine’ there are many dopamine receptors in the brain, but are not distributed evenly, as certain area will have a dense amount of them bu some areas may not not have any. Drugs like Alcohol, Nicotine, and Heroin send the dopa mine into overdrive mode, making people constantly seek those things (or be addicted) sugar also causes dopamine, but broccoli has NO EFFECT over dopamine. speaking of broccoli, if you eat a balanced meal, dopamine will spike in the reward system, but if you keep eating that same meal days in a row; the dopamine level will drop down to little effect to you,and that’s because your brain gets used to it, and it pays more attention to new tastes. (but why) to detect food that’s gone bad and to find out what gives us more nutrients we need. But if you eat a sugar rich meal like cereal, the dopamine will never drop because of how much sugar effects your dopamine receptors, causing your dopamine level to say the same level if you continue to eat every meal, but will lower in dopamine levels if you eat a little in long time differences than it will not get you hooked on sugar.

So just take a little sugar at a time and it won’t take much of a toll on your body.

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History Review 12#

Write a one to two page paper summarizing one of the lessons from this week: ‘The Great Interregnum”

After Emperor Conrad IV’s death, the nations of Europe he ruled over found out, that they had no individual heir who could actually take the throne. Because of this, all of the individual kingdoms ruled by their own princes became more and more split apart. Eventually Rudolph 1st of the Hapsburg’s got a hold of the kingdom and the Hapsburg’s gained control of the nation for several hundred years, in addition to continually ruling as H.R.E at this time, they also produced several kings for Germany and Austria.

But was does the word “Hapsburg” mean?

The name “Hapsburg” came from the “Hapsburg castle” that was built 1020 A.D. by Otto II

The Hapsburg dynasty was going successfully from the 11th century to the 13th century, and it managed to rule Austria until 1918. Using marriages, the Hapsburg’s could get control of a few other countries, however they started a revolt from the swiss when they tried to add it to their countries, and eventually the empire was ended.

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Star-Wars Memes, Publish I Must.

Post about star-wars with memes, I have, like you must or not, no try there will be. (All memes, me they belong, steal them, you should not)

Image result for star wars memes clean
Image result for star wars memes clean

Small, that was, stop talking like, I will.

Well I didn’t have much time to make this meme compilation, so I only put in 4 memes, sorry! (don’t forget to comment your favorite)

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Literature Creativity Review On Robinson Crusoe

Write a one to two page paper about two devices, tools, or gadgets that you would like to have with you if you were shipwrecked like Robinson Crusoe.

What I would take with me, if I was shipwrecked on a deserted island, is a cell-phone (or any type of wireless connected phone) and a Morse code book and transmission light.

Reasons Why:

The connected phone is very obvious why I take it with me, because it would help send a call to the coast guard to come help me, I could also tell people such as my friends or family to come and help me get off the island.

The morse signal is to get anyone I messaged to know where to look on the island (if they are flying) but I had to take 3 things so that I could learn morse code with a manual on the code.

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The Real Neat Blog Award, Thank You Andromeda!

Many thanks to:

Thank you Andromeda for nominating me, you can check out her blog here 😎👉 https://andromedacom.home.blog/


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
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  • Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answ


  1. What is your favorite movie and or TV show? I guess my favorite movie would be maybe Avengers:endgame, and Pokemon Detective Pikachu, but I don’t have a favorite TV show
  2. If you won an all-expense paid vacation, what would it be like? Probably going to the Caribbean for its beaches, maybe going to Japan (because I love sushi) and most definitely disney land!
  3. If you could enter any book and interact with the characters as if you were part of the story, which book would it be? I guess “Aru Shaw and the End of time, (or the sequel I don’t remember its name)
  4. Follow up question, would you be you? Or would you be someone else, or have powers, or anything like that? I would be myself and have some magic sword or something.
  5. What color do you wear the most often? Black or Yellow
  6. If you could, would you switch bodies with someone for the day, Freaky-Friday style? NO (I hate those types of things)
  7. Follow up question, if so, who would you switch with? Nobody
  8. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Play Video games and make memes, other things as well.
  9. Would you rather be a famous politician, musician, actor, or social media person? Musician
  10. What is something weird you are unusually good at? (for example, I can touch my nose with my tongue, and lift both my eyebrows independently of each other) Make a weird V-Shape with my tongue
Image result for v-shape tongue trick
Augh it is so gross and cool!


Charlotte aka “🖤Charlotte🖤”

The Dreamer aka “TheWorkOfASofaDreamer”

Cozy aka “Cozy Oubliette”

Questions for nominees:

  1. What is your favorite meme? (post it if you can!)
  2. What is your favorite pokemon? (just say Garbodar if you don’t like ANY)
  3. Do you think Pixar, despite being owned by Disney, would make more money on movies then Disney?
  4. Following the last question what is your favorite Pixar and Disney movie?
  5. Rounding up the Disney & Pixar questions, which one do you like better?
  6. Is chocolate overrated?
  7. Is Nougat underrated?
  8. When chocolate and nougat is mixed together, is it beautiful?
  9. Do you think I should use the papyrus font to finish to right with for my next blog post?
  10. What is your favorite font? (answer in your favorite font, I dare ya 😉)

Its time to stop

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History Review #12

Write a one to two page essay on a summary of Genghis Khan’s life

Close to China is the Gobi desert, which was inhabited by a nomadic tribe of people called the Mongols. Born in 1162 a Temujin was to the Borijgin tribe, although he is much more commonly known as Genghis Khan; as a boy he was very headstrong and did not seek any advice, at the age of 16 he married a mongol named Borte, forming an alliance between eachothers two tribes, but she was kidnapped and Temujin rescued her, they had four children together, even though he had other wives.

One day, on his first raid, he was captured, and enslaved, but he escaped with some help from his friends. After that he gathered up his own army and began his campaign to form the Mongolian empire.

Temujian was an excellent military strategist and led a large group of highly skilled soldiers, they had mastered communication tactics, and riding horses without using their hands (which allowed them to fight easier on horseback) and even had their own spy network.

Temujian quickly dominated all of the tribes surrounding their area, and earned the name Genghis Khan (or) universal ruler, and this title was carried more as a religious symbol, instead of a military symbol. Genghis in one point of his life was challenged by the Muslim ruler Otrar, he retaliated by invading the Muslim territories, this invaision made Genghis control almost all of Central Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe, and ended the Kwarzim Dynasty.

Genghis also instituted a law code known as the “Yassa” it contained moral and environmental laws, most of which were punished by death. As both a religious and literal ruler, he could tolerate any religions that did not spurn a Khan.

How Genghis died is still a bit unkown, it could be just an injury in battle, maybe a sickness, or just over exhaustion.

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Creative Literature Review (On Robin Hood)

Chapter Bonus; When The Merry-Men Ate Fish For A Day.

One day while Robin and Little John were walking along a frozen river in the Sherwood forest during the winter; “I would have very much like to get something to feed us today, sadly it is winter and we haven’t had much food saved when there were plenty!” said John, “oh be quiet John, we are hunting and you are going to scare away what ever we might find, we might find a large opportunity for a feast.” Robin commented

When there was a large splash in the frozen water of the river! as if a large fish was in it. Both John and Robin had been startled by the splash, “What do you say we find out what is underneath this ice” said John, “of course, old chum” said Robin in return.

After a hard hit from a stick the ice cracked up and inside was the largest fish both had ever seen! “this has got to be enough for all of the men!” said Robin, “I agree” said John, “but how shall we get it out of the ice and carry it back?” “your right, one of us should stay guard while the other will get the men” I’ll stay and keep watch while you go get the men” Robin told John.

As John watched his friend walk in to the distance, he heard a sudden howling in the other direction; “wolves!” he thought and all of a sudden a small pack of three young wolves appeared looking rather hungry, “you stay back!’ he said, grabbing the large stick he used, and it looked like it was going to be a fight when the merry men chase off the wolves in a surprise attack.

“Thank you for saving my skin back there” John said in surprise, “now lets carry this fish back and have a feast!” and that is exactly what they did.

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Is it that time again?

Look likes its meme time everyone! I am letting more memes come out for your enjoyment! (all memes are clean)

Its coming soon!
No seriously
Get it?
Its been a long day….
Image result for expanding brain meme
swag sweaters
Who Would Win? Meme | THE LITERAL UNDEAD SOME PLANT BOIS | image tagged in memes,who would win | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
who would win?
*Literature intensify’s*

Thats all my memes I have got for today, like and comment what your favorite meme in this is!

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Literature Review Of Novels, Novellas And Short Stories

A novel is a long story that describes fictional characters and the events they go through in a sequential order. Novels are most commonly thought as the most common type of literature, and it is definitely the longest type.

Short stories are written in prose like novels, but there are no word lengths to set the story. A short story makes use of the plot, the resonance, and any other features, to a further degree than a regular story, but less compared to a novel.

Finally, there is the Novella, which is in the middle of the gap between a short story AND a novel. A novella is in the middle because features fewer conflicts than the novel, but the conflicts that exist are more complicated then short stories, obviously the short story is shorter than a novella, but novellas plot-line is less complicated then the novel.

Those three styles of literature out of the five I have covered are probably on the more basic sides of story-telling, but are still good ways to write.